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News Release

General Instrument Announces Increased Commitment From Charter Communications for One Million Additional Interactive Digital Consumer Terminals

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 15, 1999) – General Instrument Corporation (NYSE: GIC) today announced an additional award from Charter Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:CHTR) for one million interactive digital consumer set-top terminals. The award quantities are incremental to the December 1997 digital terminal supply agreement between the two companies and are scheduled to be purchased in the years 2000-2001.

To date, Charter has deployed GI’s core interactive set-top, the DCT-2000, to thousands of subscribers in markets throughout the United States. In addition, Charter will begin deploying GI’s DCT-5000+ advanced interactive digital consumer terminal in 2000 to deliver advanced interactive digital services to its subscribers.

“Charter is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge services using the most advanced technology available for our subscribers,” said Jerry Kent, President and CEO of Charter Communications. “GI’s digital set-tops and digital network solutions provide a state-of-the-art platform from which we can offer a wealth of new interactive services to our customers.”

“Charter is one of the leaders in deploying advanced interactive services to its subscribers and we are thrilled they have selected GI as a key technology partner,” said Edward Breen, Chairman and CEO of General Instrument. “Charter’s commitment for an additional one million interactive digital set-top terminals, helps reinforce GI’s worldwide leadership in delivering cutting-edge technology, products, support and services.”

To date, GI has shipped over five million interactive digital cable set-top terminals to over 100 broadband network operators. Working with these 100 MSOs, GI has deployed over 1,000 interactive digital systems passing over 41 million households. GI, working with its broadband network customers, has already fielded real-time interactive services over its DCT-2000 consumer terminals and systems including video-on-demand, e-mail, Internet access and e-commerce.

GI’s DCT-2000 interactive digital consumer terminal uses state-of-the-art digital compression technology to provide a wealth of new revenue generating services to the cable industry. It's 64 and 256 QAM, digital processing technology vastly increases channel capacity over existing cable plants, while providing significantly improved audio and video quality. All DCT-2000’s support real-time interactive applications including video-on-demand, high-speed Internet access, e-mail, e-commerce and more.

Commercial shipments of GI’s DCT-5000+ terminal began in the third quarter of 1999. GI’s DCT-5000+ set-top platform provides new levels of advanced interactive broadband services in addition to the services offered on today’s digital cable products. With a 347 MIPS processor, 32 bit 3D graphics engine, integrated DOCSIS-compliant cable modem and large memory cache, the DCT-5000+ delivers PC-like power and functionality to the home theater experience. Leveraging advanced Internet Protocols and GI’s unique Triple Tuner® architecture, operators are able to offer a host of additional revenue-generating services. The DCT-5000+ will enable consumers to simultaneously watch TV, surf the Internet and talk on the phone.

Charter Communications is a Wired World™ company offering a full range of traditional cable television services. The company has also begun to offer services including digital cable television, high-speed Internet access and paging and is introducing interactive video programming. All of these services are important steps toward the realization of the Wired World vision where cable’s ability to transmit voice, video and data at high speeds will enable it to serve as the primary platform for the delivery of new services to the home and workplace. Charter is the fourth largest operator of cable television systems in the United States, serving approximately 6.2 million customers, after giving effect to a pending acquisition. The chairman of Charter Communications is Paul G. Allen. Jerald L. Kent is the company’s president and CEO. More information about Charter can be accessed on the Internet at

General Instrument is a leading worldwide provider of integrated and interactive broadband access solutions, teaming with its business partners to lead the convergence of the Internet, telecommunications and video entertainment industries.