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SEC Filings

SC 13D
ALLEN PAUL G filed this Form SC 13D on 11/22/1999
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               8.7 Severability. The validity, legality or enforceability of the
remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected even if one or more of the
provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal or
unenforceable in any respect.

               8.8 Undertakings. All authority herein conferred or agreed to be
conferred upon a party to this Agreement and all agreements of a party contained
herein shall survive the death or incapacity of such party (or any of them).

               8.9 Successors and Assigns. Except as provided herein to the
contrary, this Agreement shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of
the parties, their respective heirs, estates, personal representatives,
conservators, successors and permitted assigns.

               8.10   Assignments.

                      (a) The Holder and any Permitted Transferee may transfer
some or all of its CCI Stock to any of the following persons or entities (each
such person or entity, a "Permitted Transferee"), and the Permitted Transferee
shall thereupon have the rights provided in this Agreement:

                             (i) any person or entity that was among the
"Investors" who were party to the Contribution Agreement;

                             (ii) any person or entity that, directly or
indirectly, through the ownership of voting securities, controls, is controlled
by, or is commonly controlled with the Holder;

                             (iii) a trust for the benefit of the equity owners
of the Holder and of which the trustee or trustees are one or more persons or
entities that either control, or are commonly controlled with, the Holder or are
banks, trust companies, or similar entities;

                             (iv) any person or entity for which the Holder is
acting as nominee or any trust controlled by or under common control with such
person or entity;

                             (v) if the Holder is an individual, any charitable
foundation, charitable trust, or similar entity, the estate, heirs, or legatees
of the Holder upon the Holder's death, any member of the Holder's family, any
trust or similar entity for the benefit of the Holder or one or more members of
the Holder's family, or any entity controlled by the Holder or one or more
members of the Holder's family.

                      (b) The Holder may assign all its rights and delegate all
its obligations under this Agreement to any Permitted Transferee, and such
Permitted Transferee shall thereupon be deemed to be the "Holder" for purposes
of this Agreement.

                      (c) Allen is entitled, in his sole discretion, to assign
his rights to purchase any CCI Stock under this Agreement to one or more
entities controlled by Allen, but no such assignment will relieve Allen of any
of his obligations under this Agreement.