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SEC Filings

AVALON CABLE OF MICHIGAN INC/ filed this Form S-4/A on 05/28/1999
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     Section 8.  Vote Required.  When a quorum is present, the affirmative vote
     ---------   -------------
of the majority of shares present in person or represented by proxy at the
meeting and entitled to vote on the subject matter shall be the act of the
stockholders, unless the question is one upon which by express provisions of an
applicable law or of the certificate of incorporation a different vote is
required, in which case such express provision shall govern and control the
decision of such question.

     Section 9.  Voting Rights.  Except as otherwise provided by the General
     ---------   -------------
Corporation Law of the State of Delaware or by the certificate of incorporation
of the corporation or any amendments thereto and subject to Section 3 of Article
VI hereof, every stockholder shall at every meeting of the stockholders be
entitled to one (1) vote in person or by proxy for each share of common stock
held by such stockholder.

     Section 10.  Proxies.  Each stockholder entitled to vote at a meeting of
     ----------   -------
stockholders or to express consent or dissent to corporate action in writing
without a meeting may authorize another person or persons to act for him or her
by proxy, but no such proxy shall be voted or acted upon after three (3) years
from its date, unless the proxy provides for a longer period.  A duly executed
proxy shall be irrevocable if it states that it is irrevocable and if, and only
as long as, it is coupled with an interest sufficient in law to support an
irrevocable power.  A proxy may be made irrevocable regardless of whether the
interest with which it is coupled is an interest in the stock itself or an
interest in the corporation generally.  Any proxy is suspended when the person
executing the proxy is present at a meeting of stockholders and elects to vote,
except that when such proxy is coupled with an interest and the fact of the
interest appears on the face of the proxy, the agent named in the proxy shall
have all voting and other rights referred to in the proxy, notwithstanding the
presence of the person executing the proxy.  At each meeting of the
stockholders, and before any voting commences, all proxies filed at or before
the meeting shall be submitted to and examined by the secretary or a person
designated by the secretary, and no shares may be represented or voted under a
proxy that has been found to be invalid or irregular.

     Section 11.  Action by Written Consent.  Unless otherwise provided in the
     ----------   -------------------------
certificate of incorporation, any action required to be taken at any annual or
special meeting of stockholders of the corporation, or any action which may be
taken at any annual or special meeting of such stockholders, may be taken
without a meeting, without prior notice and without a vote, if a consent or
consents in writing, setting forth the action so taken and bearing the dates of
signature of the stockholders who signed the consent or consents, shall be
signed by the holders of outstanding stock having not less than the minimum
number of votes that would be necessary to authorize or take such action at a
meeting at which all shares entitled to vote thereon were present and voted and
shall be delivered to the corporation by delivery to its registered office in
the state of Delaware, or the corporation's principal place of business, or an
officer or agent of the corporation having custody of the book or books in which
proceedings of meetings of the stockholders are recorded.  Delivery made to the
corporation's registered office shall be by hand or by certified or registered
mail, return receipt requested provided, however, that no consent or consents
delivered by certified or registered mail shall be deemed delivered until such
consent or consents are actually received at the registered office. All consents
properly delivered in accordance with this section shall be deemed to be