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SEC Filings

AVALON CABLE OF MICHIGAN INC/ filed this Form S-4/A on 05/28/1999
Entire Document

   The method of delivery of old notes and the letter of transmittal or agent's
message and all other required documents to the exchange agent is at the
election and sole risk of the holder. As an alternative to delivery by mail,
holders may wish to consider overnight or hand delivery service. In all cases,
sufficient time should be allowed to assure delivery to the exchange agent
before the expiration date. No letter of transmittal or old notes should be
sent to any of the issuers or any of their affiliates. Holders may request
their respective brokers, dealers, commercial banks, trust companies or
nominees to effect the above transactions for such holders.

   Any beneficial owner whose old notes are registered in the name of a broker,
dealer, commercial bank, trust company or other nominee and who wishes to
tender should contact the registered holder promptly and instruct such
registered holder to tender on such beneficial owner's behalf. For additional
information, please refer to the "Instructions to Registered Holder and/or
Book-Entry Transfer Facility Participant from Beneficial Owner" included with
the letter of transmittal.

   Signatures on a letter of transmittal or a notice of withdrawal, as the case
may be, must be guaranteed by an eligible institution (as defined below) unless
the old notes tendered pursuant thereto are tendered by a registered holder who
has not completed the box entitled "Special Registration Instructions" or
"Special Delivery Instructions" on the letter of transmittal, or for the
account of an eligible institution. In the event that signatures on a letter of
transmittal or a notice of withdrawal, as the case may be, are required to be
guaranteed, such guarantee must be by a member firm of the Medallion System (an
"eligible institution").

   If the letter of transmittal is signed by a person other than the registered
holder of any old notes listed therein, such notes must be endorsed or
accompanied by a properly completed bond power, signed by such registered
holder as such registered holder's name appears on such notes with the
signature thereon guaranteed by an eligible institution.

   If the letter of transmittal or any old notes or bond powers are signed by
trustees, executors, administrators, guardians, attorneys-in-fact, officers of
corporations or others acting in a fiduciary or representative capacity, such
persons should so indicate when signing, and evidence to our satisfaction of
their authority to so act must be submitted with the letter of transmittal.

   We understand that the exchange agent will make a request promptly after the
date of this prospectus to establish accounts with respect to the old notes at
the book-entry transfer facility, The Depository Trust Company (the "book-entry
transfer facility"), for the purpose of facilitating the exchange offer, and
subject to the establishment thereof, any financial institution that is a
participant in the book-entry transfer facility's system may make book-entry
delivery of old notes by causing such book-entry transfer facility to transfer
such old notes into the exchange agent's account with respect to the old notes
in accordance with the book-entry transfer facility's procedures for such
transfer. Although delivery of the old notes may be effected through book-entry
transfer into the exchange agent's account at the book-entry transfer facility,
unless an agent's message is transmitted to and received by the exchange agent
in compliance with Automated Tender Option Program on or prior to the
expiration date, or, if the guaranteed delivery procedures described below are
complied with, within the time period provided under such procedures, the
tender of such notes will not be valid. Delivery of documents to the book-entry
transfer facility does not constitute delivery to the exchange agent.

   All questions as to the validity, form, eligibility, including time of
receipt, acceptance of tendered Old Notes and withdrawal of tendered old notes
will be determined by the Issuers, in their sole discretion, which
determination will be final and binding. The issuers reserve the absolute right
to reject any and all old notes not properly tendered or any old notes our
acceptance of which would, in the opinion of the Issuers' counsel, be unlawful.
The issuers also reserve the right to waive any defects, irregularities or
conditions of tender as to particular old notes. The issuers may not waive any
condition to the exchange offer unless such condition is legally waiveable. In
the event such a waiver by the issuers gives rise to the legal requirement to
do so, the issuers will hold the exchange offer open for at least five business
days thereafter. The issuers' interpretation of the terms and conditions of the
exchange offer, including the instructions in the letter of transmittal, will