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SEC Filings

AVALON CABLE OF MICHIGAN INC/ filed this Form S-4/A on 05/28/1999
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<S>                                                                        <C>
Other real estate owned                                                           10,404
Investments in unconsolidated subsidiaries and
 associated companies                                                            196,032
Customers' liability to this bank on acceptances
 outstanding                                                                     895,160
Intangible assets                                                              1,127,375
Other assets                                                                   1,915,742

Total assets                                                                 $60,077,664

 In domestic offices                                                         $27,020,578
 Noninterest-bearing                                                          11,271,304
 Interest-bearing                                                             15,749,274
 In foreign offices, Edge and Agreement
   subsidiaries, and IBFs                                                     17,197,743
 Noninterest-bearing                                                             103,007
 Interest-bearing                                                             17,094,736
Federal funds purchased and Securities sold
  under agreements to repurchase                                               1,761,170
Demand notes i
ssued to the U.S.Treasury                                          125,423
Trading liabilities                                                            1,625,632
Other borrowed money:
  With remaining maturity of one year or less                                  1,903,700
  With remaining maturity of more than one year
   through three years                                                                 0
  With remaining maturity of more than three years.                               31,639