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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 10-K405 on 03/31/1999
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tem 9--Changes in and Disagreements with Accountants on Accounting and
Financial Disclosure
   Not applicable.

                                   PART III

Item 10--Representatives, Directors and Executive Officers of the Registrant
   The following table sets forth certain information concerning the members
of the Boards of Representatives and executive officers of Holdings and
Renaissance Media. All persons specified as executive officers of Holdings and
Renaissance Media also hold such offices with Renaissance Louisiana,
Renaissance Tennessee, Renaissance Capital and Group.

          Name           Age(1)                         Position
          ----           ------                         --------
<S>                      <C>    <C>
Fred Schulte............   48   Representative and President, Chief Executive Officer and
Rodney Cornelius........   48   Representative and Vice Chairman
Michael J. Egan.........   46   Executive Vice President
Darlene Fedun...........   41   Executive Vice President
Mark Halpin.............   50   Representative, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial
                                Officer and Treasurer
David L. Testa..........   50   Executive Vice President
Alan E. Goldberg........   44   Representative
Michael M. Janson.......   51   Representative
Leonard J. Baxt.........   51   Representative
Amy Rosen Wildstein.....   28   Representative
David E. O'Hayre........   56   Representative

- --------
(1) As of March 1, 1999.
(2)  Also a Representative of Group, Renaissance Louisiana and Renaissance
     Tennessee and a Director of Renaissance Capital.
   Fred Schulte has been President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman since
April 9, 1998, and was a founder of the Company. Mr. Schulte founded
Renaissance Media Partners, L.L.C., the predecessor of the Company ("RMP"),
and has served as President since its formation in 1996. From 1980 until
January 1996, Mr. Schulte held several key management positions, including
Chief Operating Officer, at CVI. Mr. Schulte's 23-year career in the cable
industry includes a number of field operations positions with several
companies, although the majority of his career was at CVI. He has served as a
Director of the Cable Television Association of New York from 1986 to 1990.
   Rodney Cornelius has been the Vice Chairman of Renaissance Media since
April 9, 1998, and was a founder of the Company. Mr. Cornelius has worked as a
cable television industry consultant to RMP from January 1996 through November
1997 and previously served as the Vice Chairman of CVI and held several other
key management positions at CVI from 1980 to 1995. Before joining CVI, Mr.
Cornelius was the Chief Operating Officer of Robotics, Inc., and prior to that
he spent ten years in public accounting.
   Michael J. Egan has been an Executive Vice President since April 9, 1998,
and was a founder of the Company. Mr. Egan is a founder of RMP and spent over
15 years at CVI in various senior management positions, most recently as Vice
President of Programming and New Product Development. Mr. Egan is the
recipient of several cable industry awards and was twice elected to the Board
of Governors of the National Academy of Cable Programming.