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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 10-K405 on 03/31/1999
Entire Document
concerning the engagement of independent public accountants and the scope of
the audit to be undertaken by such accountants. The audit committee met in
March 1999 to review with the Company's Independent Public Accountants the
results of the audit of the consolidated financial statement of the Company,
as of and for the year ended December 31, 1998, and recommendations regarding
internal controls. The Compensation Committee's primary responsibility is to
review and recommend policies, practices and procedures relating to the
compensation of the officers and other managerial employees and the
establishment and administration of employee benefit plans, including the
Renaissance Media Executive Bonus Incentive Plan (the "Plan"). The
Compensation Committee met in March 1999 to establish the Executive Bonus
Awards for 1998 and the salaries of the Executives for 1999.
Representative and Director Compensation
   Representatives and Directors will not receive any compensation for their
services as Representatives and Directors of Holdings, Group, Renaissance
Capital, Renaissance Louisiana, Renaissance Tennessee and Renaissance Media.
Representatives and Directors will be reimbursed by the Company for their
reasonable out-of-pocket expenses accrued in connection with acting as
Representatives and Directors.
Appointment of Executive Officers
   Executive officers are appointed at the first meeting of the Boards of
Representatives/Directors after each annual meeting of members or
stockholders, as applicable, and are elected to serve until they resign or are
removed, or are otherwise disqualified to serve, or until their successors are
elected and qualified.

Item 11--Executive Compensation
   The following table summarizes the compensation paid to the Chief Executive
Officer and each of the five remaining most highly compensated officers of the
Company for the 1998 fiscal year:
                          Summary Compensation Table

  Name and Principal Position        Year  Salary   Bonus
- -----------------------------        ---- -------- -------
<S>                                  <C>  <C>      <C>
Fred Schulte
 President, Chief Executive Officer  1998 $160,851 $65,000
Rodney Cornelius
 Vice Chairman                       1998 $160,588 $  -0-
Michael T. Egan
 Executive Vice President            1998 $123,177 $43,750
Darlene Fedun
 Executive Vice President            1998 $123,745 $43,750
Mark Halpin
 Executive Vice President
 Chief Financial Officer &
 Treasurer                           1998 $124,053 $80,000
David L. Testa
 Executive Vice President            1998 $123,937 $30,000

Executive Employment Arrangements
   Renaissance Media has entered into an employment agreement with each of the
Management Investors. Each of the employment agreements provides for an annual
base salary and an incentive bonus determined according to the Renaissance
Media Executive Bonus Incentive Plan. Each agreement has an initial term of
five years, except for that of Mr. Cornelius which had a one year initial term
which was extended in January 1999 until April 2000. The initial terms may be
extended by Renaissance Media if a sale of Renaissance Media is in