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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/04/1999
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Interest Payment Dates:             In the case of Loans bearing interest based
                                    upon the ABR ("ABR Loans"), quarterly in

                                    In the case of Loans bearing interest based
                                    upon the Eurodollar Rate ("Eurodollar
                                    Loans"), on the last day of each relevant
                                    interest period and, in the case of any
                                    interest period longer than three months, on
                                    each successive date three months after the
                                    first day of such interest period.

Commitment Fees:                    The Borrowers shall pay a commitment fee
                                    calculated at the rate of 0.375% per annum
                                    on the average daily unused portion of the
                                    Revolving Facility, payable quarterly in
                                    arrears, provided that, from and after the
                                    Adjustment Date, such rate shall be reduced
                                    to 0.250% per annum at any time when the
                                    Leverage Ratio is less than 5.00 to 1.0 (so
                                    long as no event of default is in
                                    existence). Swingline Loans shall, for
                                    purposes of the commitment fee calculations
                                    only, not be deemed to be a utilization of
                                    the Revolving Facility.

Default                             Rate: At any time when the Borrowers are in
                                    default in the payment of any amount of
                                    principal due under the Credit Facilities,
                                    all outstanding Loans shall bear interest at
                                    2% above the rate otherwise applicable
                                    thereto. Overdue interest, fees and other
                                    amounts shall bear interest at 2% above the
                                    rate applicable to the relevant ABR Loans.

Rate and Fee Basis:                 All per annum rates shall be calculated on
                                    the basis of a year of 360 days (or 365/366
                                    days, in the case of ABR Loans the interest
                                    rate payable on which is then based on the
                                    Prime Rate) for actual days elapsed.