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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/04/1999
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                                  FEE SCHEDULE

STRUCTURING FEE:    $150,000 payable to Bank of Montreal, earned upon the date
                    of your acceptance of the Commitment Letter to which this 
                    Fee Schedule is attached and payable on the Closing Date.

UPFRONT FEE:        (i) For Administrative Agent and each Co-Arranger (as such
                    terms are defined in the Senior Facilities Term Sheet; each,
                    an "AGENT"), the sum of (x) 1.0% multiplied by such Agent's
                    final allocated commitment amount of the Senior Facilities
                    on the Closing Date plus (y) $50,000 earned and payable to
                    such Agent on the Closing Date, and (ii) for each Lender
                    (other than the Agents) that commits to provide a portion of
                    the Senior Facilities, a fee to be determined which shall be
                    earned and payable to such Lender on its allocated
                    commitment on the Closing Date.

AGENT'S FEE:        $35,000 annual fee payable to the Administrative Agent in
                    advance on the Closing Date and each anniversary thereof.

All fees (or portions thereof), once paid, are non-refundable. Fees set forth
above are in addition to any fees, indemnities or reimbursements described in
the Senior Facilities Term Sheet or the Commitment Letter. All fees shall be
paid to the Administrative Agent for its own account or for distribution, as
appropriate, to the other Agents and Lenders, in each case as set forth on this
Fee Schedule.