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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/04/1999
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OCTOBER 15, 1999
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           CHANGE OF
           CONTROL                  Each holder of Bridge Loans will be entitled
                                    to require the Company, and the Company must
                                    offer, to repay the Bridge Loans held by
                                    such holder at a price of 101% of principal
                                    amount, plus accrued interest, upon the
                                    occurrence of a Change of Control (as
                                    defined) of the Company or Charter, subject
                                    to the optional redemption provisions
                                    described below.

           REPAYMENT                The Bridge Loans may be prepaid, in whole or
                                    in part, at the option of the Company at any
                                    time upon three business days' written
                                    notice at a price equal to 100% of the
                                    principal amount thereof plus accrued
                                    interest to the date of redemption.

           PAYMENTS                 Payments by the Company will be made by wire
                                    transfer of immediately available funds.

           PARTICIPATIONS           Each of the Lenders will
                                    be free (with the consent of the
                                    Administrative Agent, in its sole
                                    discretion, such consent not to be
                                    unreasonably withheld after the Closing
                                    Date) to sell or transfer all or any part of
                                    or any participation in any of the Bridge
                                    Loans to any third party and to pledge any
                                    or all of the Bridge Loans to any commercial
                                    bank or other institutional lender, to the
                                    extent permitted by law.

           THE BRIDGE LOANS         Modification of the Bridge Loans may be made
                                    with the consent of Lenders holding greater
                                    than 50% of the Bridge Loans then
                                    outstanding, except that no modification or
                                    change may extend the maturity of any Bridge
                                    Loan or time of payment of interest of any
                                    Bridge Loan, reduce the rate of interest or
                                    the principal amount of any Bridge Loan,
                                    alter the redemption provisions of any
                                    Bridge Loan or reduce the percentage of
                                    holders necessary to modify or change the
                                    Bridge Loans without the consent of Lenders
                                    holding 100% of the Bridge Loans affected