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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/04/1999
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     The Senior Secured Notes may be redeemed at the option of the Issuers in
whole or in part at any time on or after November 1, 1997 at the redemption
price of 108% reducing ratably to 100% of the principal amount, in each case
together with accrued interest to the redemption date. The Issuers are required
to redeem $25,000,000 principal amount of the Senior Secured Notes on each of
November 1, 2001 and November 1, 2002. The indenture under which the Senior
Secured Notes were issued contains various restrictive covenants, the more
significant of which are, limitations on distributions to partners, the
incurrence or guarantee of indebtedness, the payment of management fees, other
transactions with officers, directors and affiliates, and the issuance of
certain types of equity interests or distributions relating thereto.
     On July 12, 1996, HPIAC entered into $85,000,000 of senior secured credit
facilities ("Facilities") with a group of banks and The First National Bank of
Chicago, as agent. The Facilities were comprised of a $55,000,000 senior secured
two and one-half year revolving credit facility, converting on December 31, 1998
to a five and one-half year amortizing term loan due June 30, 2004 ("Facility
A"); and, a $30,000,000 senior secured, amortizing, multiple draw nine year term
loan facility due June 30, 2005 ("Facility B"). The Facilities financed certain
permitted acquisitions, transaction expenses and general corporate purposes.
Interest on outstanding borrowings was payable at specified margins over either
LIBOR or the higher of the corporate base rate of The First National Bank of
Chicago or the rates on overnight Federal funds transactions with members of the
Federal Reserve System. The margins varied based on the Company's total leverage
ratio, as defined, at the time of an advance. As of December 31, 1997, the
amounts outstanding were $30,000,000 under Facility B and $35,500,000
outstanding under Facility A. Interest was payable at LIBOR plus 3.50% for
Facility B and LIBOR plus 3.00% for Facility A. In addition, HPIAC paid a
commitment fee of .5% of the unused balance of the Facilities.
     On December 15, 1998, the Facilities were repaid in full together with
accrued interest thereon from the proceeds of the new credit agreements (see
     In connection with the early retirement of the aforementioned bank debt,
HPIAC wrote off related unamortized deferred financing costs totaling
$1,657,320. Such amount has been classified as an extraordinary item in the
accompanying 1998 combined statement of operations.
     In connection with the aforementioned Facilities, HPIAC entered into an
interest rate cap agreement to reduce its exposure to interest rate risk.
Interest rate cap transactions generally involve the exchange of fixed and
floating rate interest payment obligations and provide for a ceiling on interest
to be paid, respectively, without the exchange of the underlying notional
principal amount. These types of transactions involve risk of counterpart
nonperformance under the terms of the contract. At December 31, 1997, HPIAC had
cap agreements with aggregate notional amounts of $42,500,000 expiring through
March 29, 2000. On December 15, 1998, in connection with the early retirement of
the related bank debt, the cap agreements were terminated and HPIAC wrote off
the unamortized costs of these cap agreements.
     On December 15, 1998, HPIAC entered into credit agreements with a group of
banks and Paribas, as agent, providing maximum borrowings of $110,000,000 (the
1998 Credit Facilities). The agreements include (i) a senior secured Credit
Agreement consisting of a $35,000,000 A Term Loan, maturing on December 31,
2005, $45,000,000 B Term Loan, maturing on December 31, 2006 and a $10,000,000
Revolving Commitment, maturing on December 31, 2005