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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/04/1999
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24.9% and Go2Net will own 19.9% of Broadband's membership interests. Vulcan
Ventures will have voting control over the Broadband entity. Broadband's board
of directors will consist of three directors designated by Vulcan Ventures and
one by each of Charter Communications Holding Company and Go2Net.
     Each of Broadband's investors will be obligated to provide their pro rata
share of funding for Broadband's operations and capital expenditures, except
that Vulcan Ventures will fund Charter Communications Holding Company's portion
of Broadband's expenses for the first four years and will fund Go2Net's portion
of Broadband's expenses to the extent such expenses exceed budget for the first
four years.
     We believe that our participation in the Broadband Partners joint venture
will facilitate the delivery of a broad array of Internet products and services
to our customers over the television set's digital set-top box and through the
personal computer.
     The Broadband Partners joint venture has not yet established a timetable
for launching its portal services. We do not anticipate that our participation
in the joint venture will have a material impact on our financial condition or
results of operations for the foreseeable future. This is especially the case
because Charter Communications Holding Company's portion of the joint venture's
expenses are to be funded by Vulcan Ventures during the first four years.
     WINK-ENHANCED PROGRAMMING.   We have formed a relationship with Wink, which
sells technology to embed interactive features, such as additional information
and statistics about a program or the option to order an advertised product,
into programming and advertisements. A customer with a Wink-enabled set-top box
and a Wink-enabled cable provider sees an icon flash on the screen when
additional Wink features are available to enhance a program or advertisement. By
pressing the select button on a standard remote control, a viewer of a
Wink-enhanced program is able to access additional information regarding such
program, including, for example, information on prior episodes or the program's
characters. A viewer watching an advertisement would be able to access
additional information regarding the advertised product and may also be able to
utilize the two-way transmission features to order a product. We have bundled
Wink's services with our traditional cable services in both our advanced analog
and digital platforms. Wink's services are provided free of charge. A company
controlled by Mr. Allen has made an equity investment in Wink. See "Certain
Relationships and Related Transactions".
     Various programming networks, including CNN, NBC, ESPN, HBO, Showtime,
Lifetime, VH1, the Weather Channel, and Nickelodeon, are currently producing
over 1,000 hours of Wink-enhanced programming per week. Under certain
revenue-sharing arrangements, we will modify our headend technology to allow
Wink-enabled programming to be offered on our systems. Each time one of our
customers uses Wink to request certain additional information or order an
advertised product, we receive fees from Wink.
     TELEPHONE SERVICES.   We expect to be able to offer cable telephony
services in the near future using our systems' direct, two-way connections to
homes and other buildings. We are exploring technologies using Internet protocol
telephony, as well as traditional