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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/04/1999
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easy, low-cost Internet access to customers at connection speeds ranging up to
128 kilobits per second. For a monthly fee, we provide our customers with e-mail
and Internet access that does not require the use of a PC, an existing or
additional telephone line, or any additional equipment. Instead, the customer
accesses the Internet through the set-top box, which the customer already has on
his television set, and a wireless keyboard, that is provided with the service
and which interfaces with the box. WorldGate works on advanced analog and
digital converters and, therefore, can be installed utilizing advanced analog
converters already deployed. In contrast, other converter-based, non-PC Internet
access products require a digital platform and a digital converter prior to
     Customers who opt for television-based Internet access are generally
first-time users who prefer this more user-friendly interface. Of these users,
41% use WorldGate at least once a day, and 77% use it at least once a week.
Although the WorldGate service bears the WorldGate brand name, the Internet
domain name of the customers who use this service is "". This allows
the customer to switch or expand to our other Internet services without a change
of e-mail address.
     We first offered WorldGate to customers on the upgraded portion of our
systems in St. Louis in April 1998. We are also currently offering this service
in our systems in Maryville, Illinois and Newtown, Connecticut, and plan to
introduce it in eight additional systems by December 31, 1999. Charter
Investment, Inc. owns a minority interest in WorldGate which will be contributed
to Charter Communications Holding Company. See "Certain Relationships and
Related Transactions". As of June 30, 1999, we provided WorldGate Internet
service to approximately 4,300 customers.
     - INTERNET PORTAL SERVICES.   On October 1, 1999, Charter Communications
Holding Company, Vulcan Ventures, an entity controlled by Mr. Allen, and Go2Net,
Inc. entered into a joint venture to form Broadband Partners, LLC. Broadband
will provide access to the Internet through a "portal" to Charter Communications
Holding Company's current and future subscribers and potentially to other
providers of high speed Internet access. A portal is an Internet web site that
serves as a user's initial point of entry to the World Wide Web. By offering
selected content, services and links to other web sites, a portal guides and
directs users through the World Wide Web and generates revenues from advertising
on its own web pages and by sharing revenues generated by linked or featured web
     Revenue splits and other economic terms in this arrangement will be at
least as favorable to Charter Communications Holding Company as terms between
Broadband and any other party. Charter Communications Holding Company has agreed
to use Broadband's portal services exclusively for an initial six-year period
that will begin when the portal services are launched, except that Charter's
existing agreements with other Internet high speed portal services and High
Speed Access may run for their current term to the extent that such agreements
do not allow for the carriage of content provided by Charter Communications
Holding Company or Vulcan Ventures. The joint venture is for an initial 25-year
term, subject to successive five-year renewals by mutual consent. Vulcan
Ventures will own 55.2%, Charter Communications Holding Company will own