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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/04/1999
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approximately 95% of our customers will be served by headends serving at least
5,000 customers.
     MAXIMIZE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. To maximize customer satisfaction, we
operate our business to provide reliable, high-quality products and services,
superior customer service and attractive programming choices at reasonable
rates. We have implemented stringent internal customer service standards which
we believe meet or exceed those established by the National Cable Television
Association, which is the Washington, D.C.-based trade association for the cable
television industry. We believe that our customer service efforts have
contributed to our superior customer growth, and will strengthen the Charter
brand name and increase acceptance of our new products and services.
     EMPLOY INNOVATIVE MARKETING. We have developed and successfully implemented
a variety of innovative marketing techniques to attract new customers and
increase revenue per customer. Our marketing efforts focus on tailoring Charter
branded entertainment and information services that provide value, choice,
convenience and quality to our customers. We use demographic "cluster codes" to
address messages to target audiences through direct mail and telemarketing.
Cluster codes identify customers by marketing type such as young professionals,
retirees or families. In addition, we promote our services on radio, in local
newspapers and by door-to-door selling. In many of our systems, we offer
discounts to customers who purchase multiple premium services such as Home Box
Office or Showtime. We also have a coordinated strategy for retaining customers
that includes televised retention advertising to reinforce the link between
quality service and the Charter brand name and to encourage customers to
purchase higher service levels. Successful implementation of these marketing
techniques has contributed to internal customer growth rates in excess of the
cable industry average in each year from 1996 through 1998 for the systems we
owned in each of those years. We have begun to implement our marketing programs
in all of the systems we have recently acquired.
organized into seven operating regions. A regional management team oversees
local system operations in each region. We believe that a strong management
presence at the local system level:
     - improves our customer service;
     - increases our ability to respond to customer needs and programming
     - reduces the need for a large centralized corporate staff;
     - fosters good relations with local governmental authorities; and
     - strengthens community relations.
     Our regional management teams work closely with both local managers and
senior management in our corporate office to develop budgets and coordinate
marketing, programming, purchasing and engineering activities. Our centralized
financial management enables us to set financial and operating benchmarks and
monitor performance on