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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/01/1999
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and carry, with such insurers, in customary amounts, such other insurance,
including, without limitation, public liability insurance and liability
insurance against claims for libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy or
other like injury as a result of its transmissions as is usually carried by
Persons of established reputation engaged in the same or a similar business
similarly situated and to the extent required pursuant to its CATV Franchises;
provided, however, that all such insurance shall be provided in such amounts and
by such methods as shall prevent the Company from becoming a co-insurer within
the terms of the policies in question;

         (c) keep proper books of record and account in which full, true and
correct entries will be made of all its business transactions in accordance with
generally accepted accounting principles;

         (d) make provision for on its books from its earnings for the fiscal
year beginning in 1991 and for each fiscal year thereafter in amounts deemed
adequate in the opinion of the Company, all proper accruals and reserves which,
in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, should be set aside
from such earnings in connection with its business, including, without
limitation, reserves for depreciation, depletion, obsolescence and amortization
and accruals for taxes, if any, for such period; and

         (e) not be in breach or violation of or in default in the performance,
observance or fulfillment of any material obligation, covenant or condition
contained in any Contractual Obligation, including, without limitation, its CATV
Franchises, and not be in breach or violation of, or in default under, any
Requirement of Law, including, without limitation, any requirement of or under
the Communications Act or the rules, regulations or policies of the Federal
Communications Commission thereunder, to which it is subject, in either case
which breach, violation or default would materially and adversely affect the
Business Condition of the Company;

provided, however, that nothing in subsection (a) above shall prevent the
Company from selling or abandoning or terminating any right, license, permit,
consent, approval, franchise or other authorization if such sale, abandonment,
termination, liquidation or dissolution is, in the opinion of the general
partners of the Company in the best interest of the Company, is not detrimental
to the ability of the Company to pay when due, in accordance with terms of the
Notes, this Agreement, the principal of, and premium, if any, and interest on,
the Notes and is not prohibited by Section 7.8 or any other provisions of, and
would not result in the occurrence of any Event of Default (or any