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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/01/1999
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minority partners. However, Mercom, its majority-owned subsidiary is subject to
taxes that are accounted for using Statement of Financial Accounting Standards
No. 109 -- "Accounting for Income Taxes". The statement requires the use of an
asset and liability approach for financial reporting purposes. The asset and
liability approach requires the recognition of deferred tax assets and
liabilities for the expected future tax consequences of temporary differences
between financial reporting basis and tax basis of assets and liabilities. If it
is more likely than not that some portion or all of a deferred tax asset will
not be realized, a valuation allowance is recognized.
     Avalon has authorized two classes of equity units; class A units ("Class A
Units") and class B units ("Class B Units") (collectively, the "Units"). Each
class of the Units represents a fractional part of the membership interests in
Avalon and has the rights and obligations specified in Avalon's Limited
Liability Company Agreement. Each Class B Unit is entitled to voting rights
equal to the percentage such units represents of the aggregate number of
outstanding Class B Units. The Class A Units are not entitled to voting rights.
  Class A Units
     The Class A Units are participating preferred equity interests. A preferred
return accrues annually (the Company's "Preferred Return") on the initial
purchase price (the Company's "Capital Value") of each Class A Unit at a rate of
15, or 17% under certain circumstances, per annum. The Company cannot pay
distributions in respect of other classes of securities including distributions
made in connection with a liquidation until the Company's Capital Value and
accrued Preferred Return in respect of each Class A Unit is paid to the holders
thereof (such distributions being the Company's "Priority Distributions"). So
long as any portion of the Company's Priority Distributions remains unpaid, the
holders of a majority of the Class A Units are entitled to block certain actions
by the Company including the payment of certain distributions, the issuance of
senior or certain types of pari passu equity securities or the entering into or
amending of certain related-party agreements. In addition to the Company's
Priority Distributions, each Class A Unit is also entitled to participate in
common distributions, pro rata according to the percentage such unit represents
of the aggregate number of the Company's units then outstanding.
  Class B Units
     The Class B Units are junior equity securities which are divided into two
identical subclasses, Class B-1 Units and Class B-2 Units. After the payment in
full of Avalon's Priority Distributions, each Class B Unit is entitled to
participate in distributions pro rata according to the percentage such unit
represents of the aggregate number of the Avalon units then outstanding.
     The Merger was accounted for using the purchase method of accounting.
Accordingly, the consideration was allocated to the net assets acquired based on
their fair market values at the date of the Merger. The purchase price was
allocated as follows: current assets and liabilities at fair values of $470,
approximately $94,000 to property, plant and equipment, $315,000 to cable
franchises and the excess of consideration paid over the fair market value of
the net assets acquired, or goodwill, of $81,705, offset by deferred taxes net
of $60,000.