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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/01/1999
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                               PROSPECTUS SUMMARY
     The following summary contains a general discussion of our business, the
offering of Class A common stock and summary financial information. It likely
does not contain all the information that is important to you in making a
decision to purchase shares of the Class A common stock. For a more complete
understanding of the offering, you should read this entire prospectus and other
documents to which we refer. The discussion of our business in this prospectus
includes Charter Communications, Inc., Charter Communications Holding Company,
LLC and the direct and indirect subsidiaries of Charter Communications Holding
Company, unless we indicate otherwise. Unless otherwise stated, the information
in this prospectus assumes that the underwriters do not exercise their option to
purchase additional shares in the offering.
                                  OUR BUSINESS
     We are a holding company whose principal asset after completion of the
offering will be an approximate 31% equity interest and a 100% voting interest
in Charter Communications Holding Company. The only business of Charter
Communications, Inc. will be to act as the sole manager of Charter
Communications Holding Company. Charter Communications Holding Company is also a
holding company and is the indirect owner of all of our cable systems. To manage
Charter Communications Holding Company and its subsidiaries, Charter
Communications, Inc. will initially have only twelve executive officers, all of
whom are also employees of Charter Investment, Inc., an affiliated company, and
will receive other necessary personnel and services from Charter Investment,
     We are the fourth largest operator of cable television systems in the
United States, serving approximately 6.2 million customers, after giving effect
to our pending acquisitions. We currently serve approximately 3.7 million
     We offer a full range of traditional cable television services and have
begun to offer digital cable television services to customers in some of our
systems. Digital cable television is cable television service provided through
digital technology. Digital technology enables cable operators to increase the
channel capacity of cable systems by permitting a significantly increased number
of video signals to be transmitted over a cable system's existing bandwidth.
Channel capacity is the number of channels that can be simultaneously carried on
the cable system and is generally defined in terms of the number of analog
channels. Analog channels refer to communication channels on which the
information is transmitted in a non-digital format, which means data is
transmitted in a manner similar to the original signals. Bandwidth is a measure
of the information-carrying capacity of a communication channel. It is the range
of usable frequencies that can be carried by a cable system.
     We have also started to introduce a number of other new products and
services, including interactive video programming, which allows information to
flow in both directions, and high-speed Internet access to the World Wide Web.
We are also exploring opportunities in telephony, which will integrate telephone
services with the Internet through the use of cable. The introduction of these
new services represents an