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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/01/1999
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Use of Proceeds...............   By Charter Communications, Inc.: To acquire
                                 170,000,000 common membership units in Charter
                                 Communications Holding Company at a price per
                                 membership unit equal to the net initial public
                                 offering price per share of Class A common
                                 By Charter Communications Holding Company: To
                                 partially fund, together with the proceeds from
                                 the $750 million equity contribution from
                                 Vulcan Cable III Inc., a number of our pending
                                 acquisitions. See "Use of Proceeds".
Voting Rights.................   Each holder of Class A common stock is entitled
                                 to one vote per share.
                                 Each holder of Class B common stock is entitled
                                 to a number of votes determined by a formula
                                 based on the number of outstanding shares of
                                 Class B common stock and outstanding membership
                                 units exchangeable for Class B common stock.
                                 The result of this formula is that Mr. Allen is
                                 entitled to ten votes for each share of Class B
                                 common stock and each membership unit held by
                                 him or his affiliates.
                                 Mr. Allen will control approximately 95% of the
                                 voting power of all of Charter Communications,
                                 Inc.'s capital stock following the offering or
                                 94.3% if the underwriters exercise their
                                 over-allotment option in full.
Control by Paul G. Allen......   Mr. Allen will own all of the outstanding
                                 shares of Charter Communications, Inc.'s Class
                                 B common stock following the offering. By
                                 virtue of Mr. Allen's ownership of all of
                                 Charter Communications, Inc.'s Class B common
                                 stock and the ownership by Mr. Allen's
                                 affiliates of Charter Communications Holding
                                 Company membership units, Mr. Allen will be
                                 able to control the corporate actions of
                                 Charter Communications, Inc., such as electing
                                 its board of directors, amending its
                                 certificate of incorporation and controlling
                                 all fundamental corporate decisions.
Proposed Nasdaq National
   Market Symbol..............   "CHTR".