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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/01/1999
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       channels either individually or in packages. For the six months ended
       June 30, 1999, the average monthly fee was $6.35 per premium
     - PAY-PER-VIEW.   These channels allow customers to pay to view a single
       showing of a recently released movie, a one-time special sporting event
       or music concerts on an unedited, commercial-free basis. We currently
       charge a fee that ranges from $2.95 to $8.95 for movies. For special
       events, such as championship boxing matches, we have charged a fee of up
       to $50.95.
     We have employed a variety of targeted marketing techniques to attract new
customers by focusing on delivering value, choice, convenience and quality. We
employ direct mail and telemarketing, using demographic "cluster codes" to
target specific messages to target audiences. In many of our systems, we offer
discounts to customers who purchase premium services on a limited trial basis in
order to encourage a higher level of service subscription. We also have a
coordinated strategy for retaining customers that includes televised retention
advertising to reinforce the decision to subscribe and to encourage customers to
purchase higher service levels.
     NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.   A variety of emerging technologies and the
rapid growth of Internet usage have presented us with substantial opportunities
to provide new or expanded products and services to our customers and to expand
our sources of revenue. The desire for such new technologies and the use of the
Internet by businesses in particular have triggered a significant increase in
our commercial market penetration. As a result, we are in the process of
introducing a variety of new or expanded products and services beyond the
traditional offerings of analog television programming for the benefit of both
our residential and commercial customers. These new products and services
     - digital television and its related enhancements;
     - high-speed Internet access, through television set-top converter boxes,
       cable modems installed in personal computers and traditional telephone
       Internet access;
     - interactive services, such as Wink, which adds interactivity and
       electronic commerce opportunities to traditional programming and
       advertising; and
     - telephony and data transmission services, which are private network
       services interconnecting locations for a customer.
     Cable television's high bandwidth allows cable to be well positioned to
deliver a multitude of channels and/or new and advanced products and services.
We believe that this high bandwidth will be a key factor in the successful
delivery of these products and services.
     DIGITAL TELEVISION.   As part of upgrading our systems, we are installing
headend equipment capable of delivering digitally encoded cable transmissions to
a two-way digital-capable set-top converter box in the customer's home. This
digital connection offers significant advantages. For example, we can compress
the digital signal to allow the transmission of up to twelve digital channels in
the bandwidth normally used by one analog channel. This will allow us to
increase both programming and service offerings,