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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/01/1999
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and service demonstrations to increase customer awareness and enhance our
community exposure and reputation. We reduced the new employee hiring process
from two to three weeks to three to five days.
     OFFER NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. We intend to expand the array of products
and services we offer to our customers to implement our Wired World vision.
Using digital technology, we plan to offer additional channels on our existing
service tiers, create new service tiers, introduce multiple packages of premium
services and increase the number of pay-per-view channels. We also plan to add
digital music services and interactive program guides which are comprehensive
guides to television program listings that can be accessed by network, time,
date or genre. In addition, we have begun to roll out advanced services,
including interactive video programming and high speed Internet access, and we
are currently exploring opportunities in telephony. We have entered into
agreements with several providers of high speed Internet and other interactive
services, including EarthLink Network, Inc., High Speed Access Corp., WorldGate
Communications, Inc., Wink Communications, Inc. and Excite@Home Corporation. We
have recently entered into a joint venture with Vulcan Ventures Inc. and Go2Net,
Inc. to form Broadband Partners, LLC. The purpose of this joint venture is to
deliver high speed Internet portal services to our subscribers.
we plan to spend approximately $2.9 billion from 2000 to 2002 to upgrade to 550
megahertz or greater the bandwidth of our cable systems and the systems we
acquire through our pending acquisitions and to add two-way capability.
Upgrading to at least 550 megahertz of bandwidth capacity will allow us to:
     - offer advanced services, such as digital television, Internet access and
       other interactive services;
     - increase channel capacity up to 82 channels, or even more programming
       channels if some of our bandwidth is used for digital services; and
     - permit two-way communication which will give our customers the ability to
       send and receive signals over the cable system so that high speed cable
       services, such as Internet access, will not require a separate telephone
     As of June 30, 1999, approximately 57% of our customers were served by
cable systems with at least 550 megahertz bandwidth capacity, and approximately
34% of our customers had two-way communication capability. By year-end 2003,
including all recent and pending acquisitions, we expect that approximately 94%
of our customers will be served by cable systems with at least 550 megahertz
bandwidth capacity and two-way communication capability.
     Our planned upgrades are designed to reduce the number of headends from
1,267 in 1999 to 479 in 2003, including our pending acquisitions. Reducing the
number of headends will reduce headend equipment and maintenance expenditures
and, together with other upgrades, will provide enhanced picture quality and
system reliability. In addition by year-end 2003, including all pending
acquisitions, we expect that