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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1/A on 11/01/1999
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     Mr. Babcock and Charter Investment, Inc. have reached agreement on the
principal terms of the termination of this employment agreement which include
the vesting of options held by Mr. Babcock and the payment of an amount equal to
his base salary plus a $312,500 bonus.
     Effective as of December 23, 1998, Howard L. Wood entered into an
employment agreement with Charter Investment, Inc. for a one-year term with
automatic one-year renewals. Under this agreement, Mr. Wood agreed to serve as
an officer of Charter Investment, Inc. During the initial term of the agreement,
Mr. Wood is entitled to receive a base salary of $312,500, or such higher rate
as determined by the Chief Executive Officer in his discretion. In addition, Mr.
Wood is eligible to receive an annual bonus to be determined by the board of
directors in its discretion. Mr. Wood received a one-time payment as part of his
employment agreement of $250,000. Under the agreement, Mr. Wood is entitled to
participate in any disability insurance, pension or other benefit plan afforded
to employees generally or executives of Charter Investment, Inc.
     Charter Investment, Inc. has agreed to indemnify and hold harmless Mr. Wood
to the maximum extent permitted by law from and against any claims, damages,
liabilities, losses, costs or expenses in connection with or arising out of the
performance by Mr. Wood of his duties.
     In the event of the termination of the agreement by Charter Investment,
Inc. without cause or by Mr. Wood for good reason, Charter Investment, Inc. is
required to pay to Mr. Wood an amount equal to the aggregate base salary due to
Mr. Wood for the remainder of the term of the agreement. Mr. Wood and Charter
Investment, Inc. have agreed that upon closing of this offering, this employment
agreement will cease to be effective. Upon termination of the employment
agreement, Mr. Wood will receive an amount equal to his base salary plus a
$312,500 bonus. In light of the consulting agreement to be entered into between
Mr. Wood and Charter Communications, Inc., the options held by Mr. Wood will
     Mr. Wood and Mr. Babcock will enter into consulting agreements with us. We
have summarized these agreements in "Management -- Employment and Consulting
     Charter Communications, Inc. receives insurance and workers' compensation
coverage through Charter Investment, Inc. Charter Investment, Inc.'s insurance
policies provide coverage for Charter Investment, Inc. and its
     - subsidiaries, and associated, affiliated and inter-related companies,
     - majority (51% or more) owned partnerships and joint ventures,