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     described above under "-- Procedures for Tendering" at any time prior to
     the expiration date.
     Notwithstanding any other term of the exchange offer, we will not be
required to accept for exchange, or exchange, any new notes for any original
notes, and may terminate or amend the exchange offer before the expiration date,
if the exchange offer violates any applicable law or interpretation by the staff
of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
     If we determine in our reasonable discretion that the foregoing condition
exists, we may
          (1) refuse to accept any original notes and return all tendered
     original notes to the tendering holders,
          (2) extend the exchange offer and retain all original notes tendered
     prior to the expiration of the exchange offer, subject, however, to the
     rights of holders who tendered such original notes to withdraw their
     tendered original notes, or
          (3) waive such condition, if permissible, with respect to the exchange
     offer and accept all properly tendered original notes which have not been
     withdrawn. If such waiver constitutes a material change to the exchange
     offer, we will promptly disclose such waiver by means of a prospectus
     supplement that will be distributed to the holders, and we will extend the
     exchange offer as required by applicable law.
     Harris Trust and Savings Bank has been appointed as exchange agent for the
exchange offer. Questions and requests for assistance and requests for
additional copies of this prospectus or of the letter of transmittal should be
directed to Harris Trust and Savings Bank addressed as follows:
                         For Information by Telephone:
                                 (212) 701-7637
                     By Hand or Overnight Delivery Service:
                         Harris Trust and Savings Bank
                      c/o Harris Trust Company of New York
                               Wall Street Plaza
                                 88 Pine Street
                                   19th Floor
                            New York, New York 10005
                   Attention: Reorganization Trust Department
                           By Facsimile Transmission:
                                 (212) 701-7637
                            (Telephone Confirmation)
                                 (212) 701-7624
     Harris Trust and Savings Bank is an affiliate of the trustee under the
indentures governing the notes.