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burdensome or onerous franchise requirements in connection with a request for
consent. Historically, most franchises have been renewed for and consents
granted to cable operators that have provided satisfactory services and have
complied with the terms of their franchise.
     Under the 1996 Telecom Act, cable operators are not required to obtain
franchises for the provision of telecommunications services, and local
franchising authorities are prohibited from limiting, restricting, or
conditioning the provision of such services. In addition, local franchising
authorities may not require a cable operator to provide any telecommunications
service or facilities, other than institutional networks under certain
circumstances, as a condition of an initial franchise grant, a franchise
renewal, or a franchise transfer. The 1996 Telecom Act also provides that
franchising fees are limited to an operator's cable-related revenues and do not
apply to revenues that a cable operator derives from providing new
telecommunications services.