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SEC Filings

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notes are registered on our books or any other person who has obtained a
properly completed bond power from the registered holder.
     Any beneficial holder whose original notes are registered in the name of
its broker, dealer, commercial bank, trust company or other nominee and who
wishes to tender should contact such registered holder promptly and instruct
such registered holder to tender on its behalf. If such beneficial holder wishes
to tender on its own behalf, such registered holder must, prior to completing
and executing the letter of transmittal and delivering its original notes,
either make appropriate arrangements to register ownership of the original notes
in such holder's name or obtain a properly completed bond power from the
registered holder. The transfer of record ownership may take considerable time.
     Signatures on a letter of transmittal or a notice of withdrawal, must be
guaranteed by a member firm of a registered national securities exchange or of
the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. or a commercial bank or
trust company having an office or correspondent in the United States referred to
as an "eligible institution", unless the original notes are tendered
     (a) by a registered holder who has not completed the box entitled "Special
         Issuance Instructions" or "Special Delivery Instructions" on the letter
         of transmittal or
     (b) for the account of an eligible institution. In the event that
         signatures on a letter of transmittal or a notice of withdrawal, are
         required to be guaranteed, such guarantee must be by an eligible
     If the letter of transmittal is signed by a person other than the
registered holder of any original notes listed therein, such original notes must
be endorsed or accompanied by appropriate bond powers and a proxy which
authorizes such person to tender the original notes on behalf of the registered
holder, in each case signed as the name of the registered holder or holders
appears on the original notes.
     If the letter of transmittal or any original notes or bond powers are
signed by trustees, executors, administrators, guardians, attorneys-in-fact,
officers of corporations or others acting in a fiduciary or representative
capacity, such persons should so indicate when signing, and unless waived by us,
evidence satisfactory to us of their authority so to act must be submitted with
the letter of transmittal.
     All questions as to the validity, form, eligibility, including time of
receipt, and withdrawal of the tendered original notes will be determined by us
in our sole discretion, which determination will be final and binding. We
reserve the absolute right to reject any and all original notes not properly
tendered or any original notes our acceptance of which, in the opinion of
counsel for us, would be unlawful. We also reserve the right to waive any
irregularities or conditions of tender as to particular original notes. Our
interpretation of the terms and conditions of the exchange offer, including the
instructions in the letter of transmittal, will be final and binding on all
parties. Unless waived, any defects or irregularities in connection with tenders
of original notes must be cured within such time as we shall determine. None of
us, the exchange agent or any other person shall be under any duty to give
notification of defects or irregularities with respect to tenders of original
notes, nor shall any of them incur any liability for failure to give such
notification. Tenders of original notes will not be deemed to have been made
until such irregularities have been cured or waived. Any original notes received
by the exchange agent that are not properly tendered and as to which the defects
or irregularities have not been cured or waived will be returned without cost to
such holder by the exchange agent to the tendering holders of original notes,
unless otherwise provided in the letter of transmittal, as soon as practicable
following the expiration date.