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may be, will be considered the sole owner or holder of the notes represented by
the global security for the purposes of:
     (1) receiving payment on the notes;
     (2) receiving notices; and
     (3) for all other purposes under the indentures and the notes.
Beneficial interests in the notes will be evidenced only by, and transfers of
the notes will be effected only through, records maintained by the Depository
Trust Company and its participants.
     Except as described above, owners of beneficial interests in a global
security will not be entitled to receive physical delivery of certificated notes
in definitive form and will not be considered the holders of the global security
for any purposes under the indentures. Accordingly, each person owning a
beneficial interest in a global security must rely on the procedures of the
Depository Trust Company. And, if that person is not a participant, the person
must rely on the procedures of the participant through which that person owns
its interest, to exercise any rights of a holder under the indentures. Under
existing industry practices, if the issuers request any action of holders or an
owner of a beneficial interest in a global security desires to take any action
under the indentures, the Depository Trust Company would authorize the
participants holding the relevant beneficial interest to take that action. The
participants then would authorize beneficial owners owning through the
participants to take the action or would otherwise act upon the instructions of
beneficial owners owning through them.
     The Depository Trust Company has advised the issuers that it will take any
action permitted to be taken by a holder of notes only at the direction of one
or more participants to whose account with the Depository Trust Company
interests in the global security are credited. Further, the Depository Trust
Company will take action only as to the portion of the aggregate principal
amount at maturity of the notes as to which the participant or participants has
or have given the direction.
     Although the Depository Trust Company has agreed to the procedures
described above in order to facilitate transfers of interests in global
securities among participants of the Depository Trust Company, it is under no
obligation to perform these procedures, and the procedures may be discontinued
at any time. None of the issuers, the trustee, any agent of the issuers or the
initial purchasers will have any responsibility for the performance by the
Depository Trust Company or its participants or indirect participants of their
respective obligations under the rules and procedures governing their
     The Depository Trust Company has provided the following information to us.
The Depository Trust Company is a:
     (1) limited-purpose trust company organized under the New York Banking Law;
     (2) a banking organization within the meaning of the New York Banking Law;
     (3) a member of the United States Federal Reserve System;
     (4) a clearing corporation within the meaning of the New York Uniform
         Commercial Code; and
     (5) a clearing agency registered under the provisions of Section 17A of the
         Securities Exchange Act.