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that in case an Event of Default shall occur and be continuing, the trustee will
be required, in the exercise of its power, to use the degree of care of a
prudent man in the conduct of his own affairs. Subject to such provisions, the
trustee will be under no obligation to exercise any of its rights or powers
under the indentures at the request of any holder of notes, unless such holder
shall have offered to the trustee security and indemnity satisfactory to it
against any loss, liability or expense.
     Anyone who receives this prospectus may obtain a copy of the indentures
without charge by writing to Charter Investment, Inc., 12444 Powerscourt Drive,
Suite 100, St. Louis, Missouri 63131, Attention: Corporate Secretary.
     The notes will initially be issued in the form of global securities held in
book-entry form. The notes will be deposited with the trustee as custodian for
the Depository Trust Company, and the Depository Trust Company or its nominee
will initially be the sole registered holder of the notes for all purposes under
the indentures. Unless it is exchanged in whole or in part for debt securities
in definitive form as described below, a global security may not be transferred.
However, transfers of the whole security between the Depository Trust Company
and its nominee or their respective successors are permitted.
     Upon the issuance of a global security, the Depository Trust Company or its
nominee will credit on its internal system the principal amount at maturity of
the individual beneficial interest represented by the global security acquired
by the persons in this offering. Ownership of beneficial interests in a global
security will be limited to persons that have accounts with the Depository Trust
Company or persons that hold interests through participants. Ownership of
beneficial interests will be shown on, and the transfer of that the Depository
Trust Company or its nominee relating to interests of participants and the
records of participants relating to interests of persons other than
participants. The laws of some jurisdictions require that some purchasers of
securities take physical delivery of the securities in definitive form. These
limits and laws may impair the ability to transfer beneficial interests in a
global security.
     Principal and interest payments on global securities registered in the name
of the Depository Trust Company's nominee will be made in immediate available
funds to the Depository Trust Company's nominee as the registered owner of the
global securities. The issuers and the trustee will treat the Depository Trust
Company's nominee as the owner of the global securities for all other purposes
as well. Accordingly, the issuers, the trustee, any paying agent and the initial
purchasers will have no direct responsibility or liability for any aspect of the
records relating to payments made on account of beneficial interests in the
global securities or for maintaining, supervising or reviewing any records
relating to these beneficial interests. It is the Depository Trust Company's
current practice, upon receipt of any payment of principal or interest, to
credit direct participants' accounts on the payment date according to their
respective holdings of beneficial interests in the global securities. These
payments will be the responsibility of the direct and indirect participants and
not of the Depository Trust Company, the issuers, the trustee or the initial
     So long as the Depository Trust Company or its nominee is the registered
owner or holder of the global security, the Depository Trust Company or its
nominee, as the case