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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1 on 07/28/1999
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affiliations include campaigns for "Toys for Tots," United Way, local theatre,
children's museums, local food banks and volunteer fire and ambulance corps. We
also participate in the "Cable in the Classroom" program, whereby cable
television companies throughout the United States provide schools with free
cable television service. In addition, we install and provide free basic cable
service to public schools, government buildings and non-profit hospitals in many
of the communities in which we operate. We also provide free cable modems and
high-speed Internet access to schools and public libraries in our franchise
areas. We place a special emphasis on education, and regularly award
scholarships to employees to pursue courses of study in the communications
     PERSONNEL RESOURCES.  We have a centralized team responsible for
coordinating the marketing efforts of our individual systems. For most of our
systems with over 30,000 customers we have a dedicated marketing manager, while
smaller systems are handled regionally. We believe our success in marketing
comes in large part from good interaction between our corporate office, which
handles programs and administration, and our field offices, which implement the
various programs. We are also continually monitoring the regulatory arena,
customer perception, competition, pricing and product preferences to increase
our responsiveness to our customer base. Our customer service representatives
are given the incentive to use their daily contacts with customers as
opportunities to sell our new service offerings.
     MARKETING STRATEGY.  Our long-term marketing objective is to increase cash
flow through deeper market penetration and growth in revenue per household. To
achieve this objective and to position our service as an indispensable consumer
service, we are pursuing the following strategies:
     - increase the number of rooms per household with cable;
     - introduce new cable products and services;
     - design product offerings to enable greater opportunity for customer
     - utilize "tiered" packaging strategies to promote the sale of premium
       services and niche programming;
     - offer our customers more value through discounted bundling of products;
     - deepen the penetration of the advanced digital platform within the home;
     - target households based on demographic data;
     - develop specialized programs to attract former customers, households that
       have never subscribed and illegal users of the service; and
     - employ Charter branding of products to promote customer awareness and
     We have innovative marketing programs which utilize market research on
selected systems, compare the data to national research and tailor marketing
programs for individual markets. We gather detailed customer information through
our regional marketing representatives and use the Claritas geodemographic data
program and consulting services to create unique packages of services and
marketing programs. These marketing efforts and the follow-up analysis provide
consumer information down to the city block or suburban subdivision level, which
allows us to create very targeted marketing programs.
     We seek to maximize our revenue per customer through the use of "tiered"
packaging strategies to market premium services and to develop and promote niche
programming services.
     We regularly use targeted direct mail campaigns to sell these tiers and
services to our existing customer base. We are developing an in-depth profile
database that goes beyond