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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1 on 07/28/1999
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                            INTERMEDIA CABLE SYSTEMS
                     INTERMEDIA CAPITAL PARTNERS IV, L.P.)
                             (DOLLARS IN THOUSANDS)
continue to be available in the future should TCI's ownership interest in
InterMedia significantly decrease. Program fees charged by the TCI subsidiary to
the Systems for the years ended December 31, 1998 and 1997 amounted to $30,884
and $26,815, respectively. Payable to affiliates includes programming fees
payable to the TCI subsidiary of $2,918 and $2,335 at December 31, 1998 and
1997, respectively.
     On January 1, 1998 an affiliate of TCI entered into agreements with
InterMedia to manage the Systems' advertising business and related services for
an annual fixed fee per advertising sales subscriber as defined by the
agreements. In addition to the annual fixed fee TCI is entitled to varying
percentage shares of the incremental growth in annual cash flows from
advertising sales above specified targets. Management fees charged by the TCI
subsidiary for the year ended December 31, 1998 amount to $292. Receivable from
affiliates at December 31, 1998 includes $3,437 of receivable from TCI for
advertising sales.
     As part of its normal course of business the Systems are involved in
transactions with affiliates of InterMedia which own and operate cable
television systems. Such transactions include purchases and sales of inventories
used in construction of cable plant at cost. Receivable from affiliates at
December 31, 1998 and 1997 includes $2,134 and $639, respectively, of
receivables from affiliated systems. Payable to affiliates at December 31, 1998
and 1997 includes $208 and $181, respectively, of payables to affiliated
     Cable television legislation and regulatory proposals under consideration
from time to time by Congress and various federal agencies have in the past, and
may in the future, materially affect the Systems and the cable television
     The cable industry is currently regulated at the federal and local levels
under the Cable Act of 1984, the Cable Act of 1992 ("the 1992 Act"), the
Telecommunications Act of 1996 (the "1996 Act") and regulations issued by the
Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") in response to the 1992 Act. FCC
regulations govern the determination of rates charged for basic, expanded basic
and certain ancillary services, and cover a number of other areas including
customer services and technical performance standards, the required transmission
of certain local broadcast stations and the requirement to negotiate
retransmission consent from major network and certain local television stations.
Among other provisions, the 1996 Act eliminated rate regulation on the expanded
basic tier effective March 31, 1999.
     Current regulations issued in conjunction with the 1992 Act empower the FCC
and/or local franchise authorities to order reductions of existing rates which
exceed the maximum permitted levels and to require refunds measured from the
date a complaint is filed in some circumstances or retroactively for up to one
year in other circumstances. Management believes it has made a fair
interpretation of the 1992 Act and related FCC regulations in determining
regulated cable television rates and other fees based on the information
currently available. However, complaints have been filed with the FCC on rates
for certain franchises and certain local franchise authorities have challenged
existing and prior rates. Further complaints and challenges could be
forthcoming, some of which could apply to revenue recorded in 1998, 1997 and
prior years. Management believes that the effect, if any, of these complaints
and challenges will not be material to the Systems' financial position or
results of operations.