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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form S-1 on 07/28/1999
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vote, GP Units voted as Class B Units together with Class B LP Units. Voting
rights of Class B LP Units were limited to items specified under the Partnership
Agreement. Prior to the dissolution of the Partnership on June 9, 1998, there
were 18,848.19 GP Units and 294,937.67 Class B LP Units outstanding.
     The Partnership Agreement also provided for the issuance of a class of
Convertible Preference Units. These units were entitled to a general
distribution preference over the Class B LP Units and were convertible into
Class B LP Units. The Convertible Preference Units could vote together with
Class B Units as a single class, and the voting percentage of each Convertible
Preference Unit, at a given time, was based on the number of Class B LP Units
into which such Convertible Preference Unit is then convertible. MCCLP had
issued 7,500 Convertible Preference Units with a distribution preference and
conversion price of two thousand dollars per unit.
     The Partnership Agreement permitted the General Partner, at its sole
discretion, to issue up to 31,517 Employee Units (classified as Class B Units)
to key individuals providing services to the Company. Employee Units were not
entitled to distributions until such time as all units have received certain
distributions as calculated under provisions of the Partnership Agreement
("subordinated thresholds"). At December 31, 1997 28,033.20 Employee Units were
outstanding with a subordinated threshold ranging from $1,600 to $1,750 per unit
(per unit amounts in whole numbers). In connection with the Vulcan Acquisition,
the amount paid to EUnit holders of $90,167 was recognized as Transaction and
Severance Costs in the period from January 1, 1998 to April 22, 1998.
     MCCLP incurred losses from inception. Losses were allocated as follows:
     (1) First, among the partners whose capital accounts exceed their
unreturned capital contributions in proportion to such excesses until each such
partner's capital account equals its unreturned capital contribution; and
     (2) Next, to the holders of Class B Units in accordance with their
unreturned capital contribution percentages.
     The General Partner was allocated a minimum of 0.2% to 1% of income or loss
at all times, depending on the level of capital contributions made by the
     Upon completion of the Vulcan Acquisition, Vulcan collectively owned 99.4%
of MCCLP through direct ownership of all LP Units and through 80% ownership of
Marcus Cable Properties, Inc. ("MCPI"), the general partner of Marcus Cable
Properties, L.P. ("MCPLP"), the general partner of MCCLP. The Minority Interest
owned the voting common stock, or the remaining 20% of MCPI. In connection with
the Vulcan Acquisition, historical partners' capital at April 22, 1998 was
eliminated and the Successor entity was initially recapitalized at $1,400,000
(see note 1). In July 1998, Vulcan contributed $20,000 in cash to the Company
relating to certain employee severance arrangements.
     On June 9, 1998, MCCLP was converted into a Delaware limited liability
company with two members: Vulcan Cable, Inc., with 96.2% ownership, and Marcus
Cable Properties, L.L.C. ("MCPLLC") (formerly MCPLP), with 3.8% ownership.
Vulcan Cable, Inc. owns approximately 25.6% and MCPI owns approximately 74.4% of
MCPLLC, with Vulcan's interest in MCPI unchanged. As there was no change in
ownership interests, the historical partners' capital