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SEC Filings

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                                INDEX TO EXHIBITS

Exhibit 2.5      Form of Closing Escrow Agreement
Exhibit 7.17     Form of Services Agreement
Exhibit 9.6      Form of Seller's Counsel Opinion
Exhibit 9.7      Form of Seller's FCC Counsel Opinion
Exhibit 9.8      Form of Consent or Approval to Change of Control
Exhibit 10.5     Form of Buyer's Opinion of Counsel

                               INDEX OF SCHEDULES

Schedule    Title
--------    -----

1.1(A)      Slow Pay Bulk Accounts
1.1(B)      Description of Systems
1.1(C)      Vehicles
2.1         Purchased Interests
2.4(A)      Basic Customer Schedule
4.3         Sellers' Required Consents
4.4(A)      Outstanding Equity of Certain Corporate Partners
4.4(C)      Litigation for Certain Corporate Partners
4.4(F)      Ventures of Certain Corporate Partners
4.4(H)      Tax Audits for Certain Corporate Partners
4.4(I)      Consolidated Returns of Certain Corporate Partners
5.1(B)      Subsidiaries
5.3         Company's Required Consents
5.6         Financial Statements
5.8         Taxes
5.9(A)      Franchises
5.9(B)      Necessary Contracts
5.9(C)      Unfulfilled Commitments Under Franchises and Necessary Contracts
5.10(A)     Material Agreements
5.11(A)     Systems' Capacity, Subscribers and Rates
5.11(B)     Unfiled or Untimely Filed Reports
5.12        Labor Matters
5.13        Absence of Certain Developments
5.14        Real Estate
5.16(B)     Carriage Noncompliance
5.16(H)     Rate Regulating Governmental Authorities
5.16(I)     Overbuild and Franchise Competition
5.17        Transactions Outside of Ordinary Course of Business
5.18        Litigation
5.20        Retirement Plans