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SEC Filings

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                  (ii) Copies of the Additional Financial Statements as soon as
                  possible after completion, but in any case, within forty-five
                  (45) days of the end of the period covered by any such
                  Additional Financial Statement.

                  (iii) Copies of such as-built engineering drawings as the
                  Company has in its possession for the Systems, or, if not
                  available, such design maps and plant drawings and as-built
                  engineering drawings as the Company has in its possession will
                  be made available to Buyer for inspection and at the Closing
                  will be left on site at the respective System office for

                  (iv) Copies of any and all bonds in force with regard to the
                  Systems and the Company Group.

                  (v) Copies of all written Contracts and other documents listed
                  in the Schedules hereto, including any and all contracts in
                  force with any union or collective bargaining unit
                  representing any employee of any member of the Company Group
                  together with a certificate of a duly authorized executive
                  officer, certifying that to the best of such officer's
                  knowledge the copies so delivered are true and complete in all
                  material respects.

                  (vi) Copies of any required Registration Statements filed with
                  the FCC pursuant to 47 C.F.R. ss.76.12.

                  (vii) The Initial Notice of Identity and Signal Carriage, and
                  all subsequent statements of account filed with the Copyright
                  Office within the past three years and all Notices of Change
                  of Identity or Signal Carriage filed within the past three
                  years shall be made available for inspection by Buyer or its
                  representatives upon reasonable notice.

                  (viii) Copies of radio licenses, earth station licenses and
                  CARS licenses.

                  (ix) Copies of must carry elections and retransmission consent
                  agreements subject to any confidentiality restrictions
                  contained in such agreements;

      To the extent that any of the items referred to above are received or
filed after a date which is 30 days from the date hereof, the Company covenants
to deliver such items to Buyer as soon as practicable after receipt or filing.

      7.5 No Impairment of Title.

      From the date hereof until the Closing, no Seller shall sell, dispose of,
mortgage, pledge or otherwise encumber any of the Purchased Interests, except as
required under the current terms of the Credit Facility.