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SEC Filings

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      1.30. Judgment. Any judgment, writ, order, injunction, award or decree of
any court, judge, justice or magistrate, including any bankruptcy court or judge
or the arbitrator in any binding arbitration, and any order of or by any
Governmental Authority.

      1.31. Kingsport System. Those cable television systems which are
franchised or hold other operating authority and operate in and around
Kingsport, Tennessee, which are being transferred to Charter pursuant to this

      1.32. Knowledge. (a) in the case of any System, the actual knowledge of a
particular matter with respect to any such System of Frank S. Crawford, Robert
J. Lewis, Rodney M. Royse, Edon V. Smith, Thomas R. Stapleton or the general
manager or one or more of the managers of such System, (b) in the case of the
Shares, the actual knowledge of a particular matter with respect to the Shares
of Robert J. Lewis, Rodney M. Royse, Edon V. Smith or Thomas R. Stapleton and
(c) in the case of Charter, the actual knowledge of a particular matter of
Jerald L. Kent, Kent D. Kalkwarf, Curtis S. Shaw or David G. Barford.

      1.33. Leased Property. The leaseholds of real property included among the
Assets and described as Leased Property on Schedule 1.33.

      1.34. Legal Requirement. Applicable common law and any statute, ordinance,
code or other law, rule, regulation, order, technical or other written standard,
requirement or procedure enacted, adopted, promulgated, applied or followed by
any Governmental Authority, including any Judgment.

      1.35. Lien. Any security interest, security agreement, financing statement
filed with any Governmental Authority, conditional sale or other title retention
agreement, any lease, consignment or bailment given for purposes of security,
any mortgage, lien (including any lien for Taxes), indenture, pledge, option,
encumbrance, adverse interest, constructive trust or other trust, claim,
attachment, exception to, defect in, or other condition adversely affecting
title or other ownership interest (including reservations, rights of entry,
possibilities of reverter, encroachments, protrusions, easements, rights-of-way,
rights of first refusal, restrictive covenants, leases and licenses) of any
kind, which constitutes an interest in or claim against property, whether
arising pursuant to any Legal Requirement, Systems License, Systems Franchise,
Systems Contract or otherwise.

      1.36. Litigation. Any claim, action, suit, proceeding, arbitration,
investigation or hearing that could result in a Judgment, any other activity or
procedure that could reasonably be expected to result in a Judgment, or any
notice of any of the foregoing.

      1.37. Losses. Any claims, losses, liabilities, damages, penalties, costs
and expenses, including interest that may be imposed in connection therewith,
expenses of investigation, reasonable fees and disbursements of counsel and
other experts, and, as applicable, the cost to any Person making a claim or
seeking indemnification under this Agreement with respect to funds expended by
such Person by reason of the occurrence of any event or the existence or
assertion of any Liens (other than Permitted Liens) with respect to which
indemnification is sought.

      1.38. MVPD. A distributor of cable television services, multichannel multi
point distribution service, direct broadcast satellite service or television
receive-only satellite programming, who makes available for purchase, by
subscribers or customers, multiple channels of video programming, other than
Persons distributing such services only to multiple dwelling unit or other
commercial customers (including hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, dormitories,
prisons, restaurants, bars and similar establishments).