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permitted by applicable law, be deemed to have the right of setoff in respect of
its participating interest in amounts owing under this Agreement to the same
extent as if the amount of its participating interest were owing directly to it
as a Lender under this Agreement, provided that, in purchasing such
participating interest, such Participant shall be deemed to have agreed to share
with the Lenders the proceeds thereof as provided in Section 10.7(a) as fully as
if it were a Lender hereunder. The Borrower also agrees that each Participant
shall be entitled to the benefits of Sections 2.16, 2.17 and 2.18 with respect
to its participation in the Commitments and the Loans outstanding from time to
time as if it was a Lender; provided that, in the case of Section 2.17, such
Participant shall have complied with the requirements of said Section and
provided, further, that no Participant shall be entitled to receive any greater
amount pursuant to any such Section than the transferor Lender would have been
entitled to receive in respect of the amount of the participation transferred by
such transferor Lender to such Participant had no such transfer occurred.

            (c) Any Lender (an "Assignor") may, in accordance with applicable
law, at any time and from time to time assign to any Lender, any affiliate of
any Lender or any Approved Fund or, with the consent of the Borrower and the
Funding Agent (which, in each case, shall not be unreasonably withheld or
delayed), to an additional bank, financial institution or other entity (an
"Assignee") all or any part of its rights and obligations under this Agreement
pursuant to an Assignment and Acceptance, executed by such Assignee, such
Assignor and any other Person whose consent is required pursuant to this
paragraph, and delivered to the Funding Agent for its acceptance and recording
in the Register; provided that, except in the case of an assignment of all of a
Lender's interests under this Agreement, no such assignment to an Assignee
(other than any Lender, any affiliate of any Lender or any Approved Fund) shall
(i) be in an aggregate principal amount of less than $5,000,000 or (ii) cause
the Assignor to have Aggregate Exposure of less than $3,000,000, in each case
unless otherwise agreed by the Borrower and the Funding Agent. For purposes of
clauses (i) and (ii) of the preceding sentence, the amounts described therein
shall be aggregated in respect of each Lender and its related Approved Funds, if
any. Any such assignment need not be ratable as among the Facilities. Upon such
execution, delivery, acceptance and recording, from and after the effective date
determined pursuant to such Assignment and Acceptance, (x) the Assignee
thereunder shall be a party hereto and, to the extent provided in such
Assignment and Acceptance, have the rights and obligations of a Lender hereunder
with a Commitment and/or Loans as set forth therein, and (y) the Assignor
thereunder shall, to the extent provided in such Assignment and Acceptance, be
released from its obligations under this Agreement (and, in the case of an
Assignment and Acceptance covering all of an Assignor's rights and obligations
under this Agreement, such Assignor shall cease to be a party hereto).
Notwithstanding any provision of this Section 10.6, the consent of the Borrower
shall not be required for any assignment that occurs when an Event of Default
pursuant to Section 8(a) or 8(f) shall have occurred and be continuing. On the
effective date of any Assignment and Acceptance, the Funding Agent shall give
notice of the terms thereof to the Administrative Agent that is not serving as
Funding Agent.

            (d) The Funding Agent shall, on behalf of the Borrower, maintain at
its address referred to in Section 10.2 a copy of each Assignment and Acceptance
delivered to it and a register (the "Register") for the recordation of the names
and addresses of the Lenders and the Commitment of, and the principal amount of
the Loans owing to, each Lender from time to time. The entries in the Register
shall be conclusive, in the absence of manifest error, and the Borrower, each
other Loan Party, the Agents and the Lenders shall treat each Person whose name
is recorded in the Register as the owner of the Loans and any Notes evidencing
the Loans recorded therein for all purposes of this Agreement. Any assignment of
any Loan, whether or not evidenced by a Note, shall be effective only upon
appropriate entries with respect thereto being made in the Register (and each
Note shall expressly so provide). Any assignment or transfer of all or part of a
Loan evidenced by a Note shall be registered on the Register only upon surrender
for registration of assignment or transfer of the Note evidencing such Loan,
accompanied by a duly executed Assignment and Acceptance, and thereupon one or
more new Notes