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SEC Filings

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its obligation to make Loans hereunder, with a replacement financial
institution; provided that (i) such replacement does not conflict with any
Requirement of Law, (ii) no Event of Default shall have occurred and be
continuing at the time of such replacement, (iii) prior to any such replacement,
such Lender shall have taken no action under Section 2.19 which has eliminated
the continued need for payment of amounts owing pursuant to Section 2.16 or
2.17(a), (iv) the replacement financial institution shall purchase, at par, all
Loans and other amounts owing to such replaced Lender on or prior to the date of
replacement, (v) the Borrower shall be liable to such replaced Lender under
Section 2.18 if any Eurodollar Loan owing to such replaced Lender shall be
purchased other than on the last day of the Interest Period relating thereto,
(vi) the replacement financial institution, if not already a Lender, shall be
reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agents, (vii) the replaced Lender
shall be obligated to make such replacement in accordance with the provisions of
Section 10.6 (provided that the Borrower shall be obligated to pay the
registration and processing fee referred to therein), (viii) until such time as
such replacement shall be consummated, the Borrower shall pay all additional
amounts (if any) required pursuant to Section 2.16 or 2.17(a), as the case may
be, and (ix) any such replacement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any
rights that the Borrower, the Agents or any other Lender shall have against the
replaced Lender.

                          SECTION 3. LETTERS OF CREDIT

            3.1 L/C Commitment. (a) Subject to the terms and conditions hereof,
each Issuing Lender, in reliance on the agreements of the other Revolving
Lenders set forth in Section 3.4(a), agrees to issue letters of credit ("Letters
of Credit") for the account of the Borrower on any Business Day during the
Revolving Commitment Period in such form as may be approved from time to time by
such Issuing Lender; provided that no Issuing Lender shall issue any Letter of
Credit if, after giving effect to such issuance, (i) the L/C Obligations would
exceed the L/C Commitment or (ii) the aggregate amount of the Available
Revolving Commitments would be less than zero. Each Letter of Credit shall (i)
be denominated in Dollars, (ii) unless otherwise agreed by the Funding Agent and
the relevant Issuing Lender, have a face amount of at least $500,000 and (iii)
expire no later than the earlier of (x) the first anniversary of its date of
issuance and (y) the date that is five Business Days prior to the Revolving
Termination Date, provided that any Letter of Credit with a one-year term may
provide for the renewal thereof for additional one-year periods (which shall in
no event extend beyond the date referred to in clause (y) above).

            (b) No Issuing Lender shall be obligated to issue any Letter of
Credit hereunder if such issuance would conflict with, or cause such Issuing
Lender or any L/C Participant to exceed any limits imposed by, any applicable
Requirement of Law.

            3.2 Procedure for Issuance of Letter of Credit. The Borrower may
from time to time request that any Issuing Lender issue a Letter of Credit by
delivering to such Issuing Lender an Application therefor, completed to the
satisfaction of such Issuing Lender, and such other certificates, documents and
other papers and information as such Issuing Lender may request. Upon receipt of
any Application, the relevant Issuing Lender will process such Application and
the certificates, documents and other papers and information delivered to it in
connection therewith in accordance with its customary procedures and shall
promptly issue the Letter of Credit requested thereby (but in no event shall
such Issuing Lender be required to issue any Letter of Credit earlier than three
Business Days after its receipt of the Application therefor and all such other
certificates, documents and other papers and information relating thereto) by
issuing the original of such Letter of Credit to the beneficiary thereof or as
otherwise may be agreed to by such Issuing Lender and the Borrower. The relevant
Issuing Lender shall furnish a copy of such Letter of Credit to the Borrower
promptly following the issuance thereof. The relevant Issuing Lender shall
promptly furnish to the Funding Agent, which shall in turn promptly furnish to
the Lenders, notice of the issuance of each Letter of Credit (including the
amount thereof).