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SEC Filings

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Participant purchases the related participation). In addition, each Non-U.S.
Lender shall deliver such forms promptly upon the obsolescence or invalidity of
any form previously delivered by such Non-U.S. Lender. Each Non-U.S. Lender
shall promptly notify the Borrower at any time it determines that it is no
longer in a position to provide any previously delivered certificate to the
Borrower (or any other form of certification adopted by the U.S. taxing
authorities for such purpose). Notwithstanding any other provision of this
paragraph, a Non-U.S. Lender shall not be required to deliver any form pursuant
to this paragraph that such Non-U.S. Lender is not legally able to deliver.

            (e) A Lender that is entitled to an exemption from non-U.S.
withholding tax under the law of the jurisdiction in which the Borrower is
located, or any treaty to which such jurisdiction is a party, with respect to
payments under this Agreement shall deliver to the Borrower (with a copy to the
Funding Agent), at the time or times prescribed by applicable law or reasonably
requested by the Borrower, such properly completed and executed documentation
prescribed by applicable law as will permit such payments to be made without
withholding, provided that such Lender is legally entitled to complete, execute
and deliver such documentation and in such Lender's judgment such completion,
execution or submission would not materially prejudice the legal position of
such Lender.

            (f) The agreements in this Section shall survive the termination of
this Agreement and the payment of the Loans and all other amounts payable

            2.18 Indemnity. The Borrower agrees to indemnify each Lender and to
hold each Lender harmless from any loss or expense that such Lender may sustain
or incur as a consequence of (a) default by the Borrower in making a borrowing
of, conversion into or continuation of Eurodollar Loans after the Borrower has
given a notice requesting the same in accordance with the provisions of this
Agreement, (b) default by the Borrower in making any prepayment of or conversion
from Eurodollar Loans after the Borrower has given a notice thereof in
accordance with the provisions of this Agreement or (c) the making of a
prepayment of Eurodollar Loans on a day that is not the last day of an Interest
Period with respect thereto. Such indemnification may include an amount equal to
the excess, if any, of (i) the amount of interest that would have accrued on the
amount so prepaid, or not so borrowed, converted or continued, for the period
from the date of such prepayment or of such failure to borrow, convert or
continue to the last day of such Interest Period (or, in the case of a failure
to borrow, convert or continue, the Interest Period that would have commenced on
the date of such failure) in each case at the applicable rate of interest for
such Loans provided for herein (excluding, however, the Applicable Margin
included therein, if any) over (ii) the amount of interest (as reasonably
determined by such Lender) that would have accrued to such Lender on such amount
by placing such amount on deposit for a comparable period with leading banks in
the interbank eurodollar market. A certificate as to any amounts payable
pursuant to this Section submitted to the Borrower by any Lender shall be
conclusive in the absence of manifest error. This covenant shall survive the
termination of this Agreement and the payment of the Loans and all other amounts
payable hereunder.

            2.19 Change of Lending Office. Each Lender agrees that, upon the
occurrence of any event giving rise to the operation of Section 2.16 or 2.17(a)
with respect to such Lender, it will, if requested by the Borrower, use
reasonable efforts (subject to overall policy considerations of such Lender) to
designate another lending office for any Loans affected by such event with the
object of avoiding the consequences of such event; provided, that such
designation is made on terms that, in the sole judgment of such Lender, cause
such Lender and its lending office(s) to suffer no economic, legal or regulatory
disadvantage, and provided, further, that nothing in this Section shall affect
or postpone any of the obligations of any Borrower or the rights of any Lender
pursuant to Section 2.16 or 2.17(a).

            2.20 Replacement of Lenders. The Borrower shall be permitted to
replace any Lender that (a) requests reimbursement for amounts owing pursuant to
Section 2.16 or 2.17(a) or (b) defaults in