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SEC Filings

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market-making or other trading activities, must acknowledge that it will deliver
a prospectus in connection with any resale of such new notes. See "Plan of
Distribution" for additional information.
     We shall be deemed to have accepted validly tendered original notes when,
as and if we have given oral or written notice of the acceptance of such notes
to the exchange agent. The exchange agent will act as agent for the tendering
holders of original notes for the purposes of receiving the new notes from the
issuers and delivering new notes to such holders.
     If any tendered original notes are not accepted for exchange because of an
invalid tender or the occurrence of the conditions set forth under
"-- Conditions" without waiver by us, certificates for any such unaccepted
original notes will be returned, without expense, to the tendering holder of any
such original notes as promptly as practicable after the expiration date.
     Holders of original notes who tender in the exchange offer will not be
required to pay brokerage commissions or fees or, subject to the instructions in
the letter of transmittal, transfer taxes with respect to the exchange of
original notes, pursuant to the exchange offer. We will pay all charges and
expenses, other than certain applicable taxes in connection with the exchange
offer. See "-- Fees and Expenses."
     If applicable law or interpretations of the staff of the Securities and
Exchange Commission are changed so that the new notes received by holders who
make all of the necessary representations in the letter of transmittal are not
or would not be, upon receipt, transferrable by each such holder without
restriction under the Securities Act of 1933, we will, at our cost:
     - file a shelf registration statement covering resales of the original
     - use our reasonable best efforts to cause the shelf registration statement
       to be declared effective under the Securities Act of 1933 at the earliest
       possible time, but no later than 90 days after the time such obligation
       to file arises, and
     - use our reasonable best efforts to keep effective the shelf registration
       statement until the earlier of two years after the date as of which the
       Securities and Exchange Commission declares such shelf registration
       statement effective or the shelf registration otherwise becomes
       effective, or the time when all of the applicable original notes are no
       longer outstanding.
     We will, if and when we file the shelf registration statement, provide to
each holder of the original notes copies of the prospectus which is a part of
the shelf registration statement, notify each holder when the shelf registration
statement has become effective and take other actions as are required to permit
unrestricted resales of the original notes. A holder that sells original notes
pursuant to the shelf registration statement generally must be named as a
selling security-holder in the related prospectus and must deliver a prospectus
to purchasers, a seller will be subject to civil liability provisions under the
Securities Act in connection with these sales. A seller of the original notes
also will be bound by applicable provisions of the registration rights
agreements, including indemnification obligations. In addition, each holder of
original notes must deliver information to be used in connection with the shelf
registration statement and provide comments on the shelf registration statement
in order to have its original notes included in