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SEC Filings

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                                                             Defined in
             Term                                              Section
             ----                                              -------
<S>                                                             <C> 
             "Change of Control Payment"                        4.16
             "Change of Control Payment Date"                   4.16
             "Covenant Defeasance"                              8.01
             "DTC"                                              2.03
             "Event of Default"                                 6.01
             "Excess Proceeds"                                  4.12
             "incur"                                            4.09
             "Legal Defeasance"                                 8.01
             "Offer Period"                                     3.09
             "Paying Agent"                                     2.03
             "Payment Default"                                  6.01
             "Permitted Debt"                                   4.10
             "Preferred Stock Financing"                        4.10
             "Purchase Date"                                    3.09
             "Registrar"                                        2.03
             "Restricted Payments"                              4.07
             "Subordinated Debt Financing"                      4.10
             "Subordinated Notes"                               4.10
             "Subsidiary Guarantee"                             4.17
             "Suspended Covenants"                              4.19

Section 1.03. Incorporation by Reference of Trust Indenture Act.

            Whenever this Indenture refers to a provision of the TIA, the
provision is incorporated by reference in and made a part of this Indenture.

            The following TIA terms used in this Indenture have the following

            "indenture securities" means the Notes;

            "indenture security Holder" means a Holder of a Note;

            "indenture to be qualified" means this Indenture;

            "indenture trustee" or "institutional trustee" means the Trustee;

            "obligor" on the Notes means the Issuers and any successor obligor
upon the Notes.

            All other terms used in this Indenture that are defined by the TIA,
defined by TIA reference to another statute or defined by SEC rule under the TIA
have the meanings so assigned to them.