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rights of other Holders of Notes or that may involve the Trustee in personal
liability. The Trustee may take any other action which it deems proper that is
not inconsistent with any such directive.

Section 6.06. Limitation on Suits.

      A Holder of a Note may pursue a remedy with respect to this Indenture or
the Notes only if:

            (a) the Holder of a Note gives to the Trustee written notice of a
      continuing Event of Default;

            (b) the Holders of at least 25% in principal amount of the then
      outstanding Notes make a written request to the Trustee to pursue the

            (c) such Holder of a Note or Holders of Notes offer and, if
      requested, provide to the Trustee indemnity satisfactory to the Trustee
      against any loss, liability or expense;

            (d) the Trustee does not comply with the request within 60 days
      after receipt of the request and the offer and, if requested, the
      provision of indemnity; and

            (e) during such 60-day period the Holders of a majority in principal
      amount of the then outstanding Notes do not give the Trustee a direction
      inconsistent with the request.

      A Holder of a Note may not use this Indenture to prejudice the rights of
another Holder of a Note or to obtain a preference or priority over another
Holder of a Note.

Section 6.07. Rights of Holders of Notes to Receive Payment.

      Notwithstanding any other provision of this Indenture, the right of any
Holder of a Note to receive payment of principal, premium, if any, and interest
on the Note, on or after the respective due dates expressed in the Note
(including in connection with an offer to purchase), or to bring suit for the
enforcement of any such payment on or after such respective dates, shall not be
impaired or affected without the consent of such Holder.

Section 6.08. Collection Suit by Trustee.

      If an Event of Default specified in Section 6.01(a) or (b) occurs and is
continuing, the Trustee is authorized to recover judgment in its own name and as
trustee of an express trust against the Issuers for the whole amount of
principal of, premium, if any, and interest remaining unpaid on the Notes and
interest on overdue principal and, to the extent lawful, interest and such
further amount as shall be sufficient to cover the costs and expenses of
collection, including the reasonable compensation, expenses, disbursements and
advances of the Trustee, its agents and counsel.

Section 6.09. Trustee May File Proofs of Claim.

      The Trustee is authorized to file such proofs of claim and other papers or
documents as may be necessary or advisable in order to have the claims of the
Trustee (including any claim for the reasonable compensation, expenses,
disbursements and advances of the Trustee, its agents and counsel) and the
Holders of the Notes allowed in any judicial proceedings relative to the Issuers
(or any other obligor upon the Notes), their creditors or their property and
shall be entitled and empowered to collect, receive and distribute any money or
other property payable or deliverable on any such claims and any custodian in
any such judicial proceeding is hereby authorized by each Holder to make such
payments to the