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Section 7.03. Individual Rights of Trustee.

      The Trustee in its individual or any other capacity may become the owner
or pledgee of Notes and may otherwise deal with the Issuers, the Guarantor or
any Affiliate of either of the Issuers or the Guarantor with the same rights it
would have if it were not Trustee. However, in the event that the Trustee
acquires any conflicting interest it must eliminate such conflict within 90
days, apply to the SEC for permission to continue as trustee or resign. Any
Agent may do the same with like rights and duties. The Trustee is also subject
to Sections 7.10 and 7.11.

Section 7.04. Trustee's Disclaimer.

      The Trustee shall not be responsible for and makes no representation as to
the validity or adequacy of this Indenture or the Notes, it shall not be
accountable for the Issuers' use of the proceeds from the Notes or any money
paid to the Issuers or upon the Issuers' direction under any provision of this
Indenture, it shall not be responsible for the use or application of any money
received by any Paying Agent other than the Trustee, and it shall not be
responsible for any statement or recital herein or any statement in the Notes or
any other document in connection with the sale of the Notes or pursuant to this
Indenture other than its certificate of authentication.

Section 7.05. Notice of Defaults.

      If a Default or Event of Default occurs and is continuing and if it is
known to the Trustee, the Trustee shall mail to Holders of Notes a notice of the
Default or Event of Default within 90 days after the Trustee acquires knowledge
thereof. Except in the case of a Default or Event of Default in payment of
principal of, premium, if any, or interest on any Note, the Trustee may withhold
the notice if and so long as a committee of its Responsible Officers in good
faith determines that withholding the notice is in the interests of the Holders
of the Notes.

Section 7.06. Reports by Trustee to Holders of the Notes.

      Within 60 days after each May 15 beginning with the May 15 following the
date of this Indenture, and for so long as Notes remain outstanding, the Trustee
shall mail to the Holders of the Notes a brief report dated as of such reporting
date that complies with TIA ss. 313(a) (but if no event described in TIA ss.
313(a) has occurred within the twelve months preceding the reporting date, no
report need be transmitted). The Trustee also shall comply with TIA ss.
313(b)(2). The Trustee shall also transmit by mail all reports as required by
TIA ss. 313(c).

      A copy of each report at the time of its mailing to the Holders of Notes
shall be mailed to the Company and filed with the SEC and each stock exchange on
which the Notes are listed in accordance with TIA ss. 313(d). The Issuers shall
promptly notify the Trustee when the Notes are listed on any stock exchange.

Section 7.07. Compensation and Indemnity.

      The Issuers shall pay to the Trustee from time to time reasonable
compensation for its acceptance of this Indenture and services hereunder. The
Trustee's compensation shall not be limited by any law on compensation of a
trustee of an express trust. The Issuers shall reimburse the Trustee promptly
upon request for all reasonable disbursements, advances and expenses incurred or
made by it in addition to the compensation for its services. Such expenses shall
include the reasonable compensation, disbursements and expenses of the Trustee's
agents and counsel.