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                          RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC
                               DECEMBER 31, 1998
                       (ALL DOLLAR AMOUNTS IN THOUSANDS)
(including any bonus) through the term if the executive's employment is
terminated by Media without cause, as defined in the employment agreement.
Media's obligations under the employment agreements may be reduced in certain
situations based on actual operating performance relative to the business plan,
death or disability or by actions of the other senior executives.
     The employment agreement for one senior executive has a term of one year
and may be renewed annually. This agreement has been renewed through April 8,
     In exchange for certain flexibility in establishing cable rate pricing
structures for regulated services that went into effect on January 1, 1996, Time
Warner agreed with the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") to invest in
certain upgrades to its cable infrastructure (consisting primarily of materials
and labor in connection with the plant upgrades up to 750 MHz) by 1999
(approximately $23 million). This agreement with the FCC has been assumed by the
Company as part of the Acquisition.
     On February 23, 1999, Holdings entered into an agreement with Charter
Communications, LLC and Charter Communications, Inc., to sell 100% of its
members' equity in the Company for approximately $459,000, subject to certain
closing conditions. This transaction is expected to close during the third
quarter of 1999.
     The Company relies on computer systems, related software applications and
other control devices in operating and monitoring all major aspects of its
business, including, but not limited to, its financial systems (such as general
ledger, accounts payable, payroll and fixed asset modules), subscriber billing
systems, internal networks and telecommunications equipment. The Company also
relies, directly and indirectly, on the external systems of various independent
business enterprises, such as its suppliers and financial organizations, for the
accurate exchange of data.
     The Company continues to assess the likely impact of Year 2000 issues on
its business operations, including its material information technology ("IT")
and non-IT applications. These material applications include all billing and
subscriber information systems, general ledger software, payroll systems,
accounting software, phone switches and certain headend applications, all of
which are third party supported.
     The Company believes it has identified all systems that may be affected by
Year 2000 Issues. Concurrent with the identification phase, the Company is
securing compliance determinations relative to all identified systems. For those
systems that the Company believes are material, compliance programs have been
received or such systems have been certified by independent parities as Year
2000 compliant. For those material systems that are subject to compliance
programs, the Company expects to receive Year 2000 certifications from
independent parties by the second quarter 1999. Determinations of Year