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SEC Filings

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          (5) the incurrence of Permitted Liens and the disposition of assets
     related to such Permitted Liens by the secured party pursuant to a
     "ATTRIBUTABLE DEBT" in respect of a sale and leaseback transaction means,
at the time of determination, the present value of the obligation of the lessee
for net rental payments during the remaining term of the lease included in such
sale and leaseback transaction including any period for which such lease has
been extended or may, at the option of the lessee, be extended. Such present
value shall be calculated using a discount rate equal to the rate of interest
implicit in such transaction, determined in accordance with GAAP.
     "BENEFICIAL OWNER" has the meaning assigned to such term in Rule 13d-3 and
Rule 13d-5 under the Exchange Act, except that in calculating the beneficial
ownership of any particular "person" (as such term is used in Section 13(d)(3)
of the Exchange Act), such "person" shall be deemed to have beneficial ownership
of all securities that such "person" has the right to acquire, whether such
right is currently exercisable or is exercisable only upon the occurrence of a
subsequent condition.
     "CABLE RELATED BUSINESS" means the business of owning cable television
systems and businesses ancillary, complementary and related thereto.
     "CAPITAL LEASE OBLIGATION" means, at the time any determination thereof is
to be made, the amount of the liability in respect of a capital lease that would
at that time be required to be capitalized on a balance sheet in accordance with
     "CAPITAL STOCK" means:
          (1) in the case of a corporation, corporate stock;
          (2) in the case of an association or business entity, any and all
     shares, interests, participations, rights or other equivalents (however
     designated) of corporate stock;
          (3) in the case of a partnership or limited liability company,
     partnership or membership interests (whether general or limited); and
          (4) any other interest (other than any debt obligation) or
     participation that confers on a Person the right to receive a share of the
     profits and losses of, or distributions of assets of, the issuing Person.
     "CAPITAL STOCK SALE PROCEEDS" means the aggregate net cash proceeds
(including the fair market value of the non-cash proceeds, as determined by an
independent appraisal firm) received by the Company since the date of the
Indentures (x) as a contribution to the common equity capital or from the issue
or sale of Equity Interests of the Company (other than Disqualified Stock) or
(y) from the issue or sale of convertible or exchangeable Disqualified Stock or
convertible or exchangeable debt securities of the Company that have been
converted into or exchanged for such Equity Interests (other than Equity
Interests (or Disqualified Stock or debt securities) sold to a Subsidiary of the
     "CASH EQUIVALENTS" means:
          (1) United States dollars;
          (2) securities issued or directly and fully guaranteed or insured by
     the United States government or any agency or instrumentality thereof
     (provided that the full faith and credit of the United States is pledged in
     support thereof) having maturities of not more than twelve months from the
     date of acquisition;