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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 8-K on 03/01/1999
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of the Renaissance Companies in respect of the Senior Debt and the Credit
Agreement (including all principal, accrued and unpaid interest and all other
amounts, including any prepayment penalty or premium or any breakage costs) that
become due and payable concurrently with, or as a result, of the consummation of
the Closing.

     6.8 Retention and Access to the Renaissance Companies' Records. Except as
provided in Section 6.10(c)(1), Holdings shall, for a period of five years from
the Closing Date, have access to, and the right to copy, at its expense, during
usual business hours upon reasonable prior notice to Buyer and Charter, all of
the books and records relating to the Renaissance Companies, Assets and Systems
that were transferred to Buyer pursuant to this Agreement. Buyer shall retain
and preserve all such books and records for such five year period. Subsequent to
such five year period, Buyer shall only destroy such books and records if there
is no ongoing litigation, governmental audit or other proceeding, and subsequent
to thirty days' notice to Holdings of its right to remove and retain such books
and records or to copy such books and records prior to their destruction.

     6.9 Employee Matters.

     (a) At Closing, Group shall cause the appropriate Renaissance Companies to
terminate the employment of the Headquarters Employees and the Employment
Agreements, in each case, without liability in respect thereof to any
Renaissance Company, including, without limitation, pursuant to the Employment

     (b) Except as any employment agreement between any Renaissance Company and
any employee may otherwise require, all employees of the Renaissance Companies
who continue in employment following the Closing shall be employed on such terms
and conditions as are substantially similar in the aggregate to the terms and
conditions of employment of Buyer's and Charter's employees. Each such employee
shall receive credit for all purposes other than benefit accrual purposes under
any retirement plan or program under any Employee Plan or Compensation
Arrangement of the Buyer for past service with any Renaissance Company and, to
the extent credited under any Employee Plan or Compensation Arrangement of any
Renaissance Company, for past service with any predecessor employer.

     (c) Buyer shall offer group health plan coverage to all of the employees of
the Renaissance Companies and to the spouse and dependents of such employees who
become employed by the Buyer or any ERISA Affiliate of the Buyer as of the
Closing on terms and conditions generally applicable to all of Buyer's similarly
situated employees. For purposes of providing such coverage, Buyer shall waive
all preexisting condition limitations for all such employees covered by the
health care plan of any Renaissance Company as of the Closing and shall provide
such health care coverage effective as of the Closing without the application of
any eligibility period for coverage. In addition, Buyer shall credit all
employee payments toward deductible, out-of-pocket and co-payment obligation
limits under the Renaissance Companies' health care plans for the plan year
which includes the Closing Date as if such payments had been made for similar
purposes under Buyer's health care plans during the plan year which includes