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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 8-K on 03/01/1999
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          increases for qualifying employees or otherwise in accordance with the
          Renaissance Companies' employee policies.

               (7) Waivers. Waive any material right relating to the Systems or
          the Assets.

               (8) Marketing Plan. Implement any new marketing plans not
          contemplated in the Renaissance Companies' budget, except as set forth
          in Schedule 6.1 or as consented to by Buyer, such consent not to be
          unreasonably withheld.

          (b) Affirmative Covenants. Group shall, and shall cause the
     Renaissance Companies to, do the following between the date hereof and the
     Closing Date:

               (1) Access to Information. Subject to Buyer's and Charter's
          obligations hereunder and under the Confidentiality Agreement with
          respect to confidentiality, allow Buyer and its authorized
          representatives reasonable access during normal business hours to the
          Assets and the physical plant, offices, properties and records of the
          Renaissance Companies for the purpose of inspection, and furnish or
          cause to be furnished to Buyer or its authorized representatives all
          information with respect to the Assets or the Renaissance Companies
          that Buyer may reasonably request. Any investigation or request for
          information shall be conducted in such a manner as not to interfere
          with the business or operations of the Renaissance Companies and the

               (2) Insurance. Maintain the existing insurance policies on the
          Systems and the Assets (or comparable replacement policies).

               (3) Books and Records. Maintain the Renaissance Companies' books
          and records substantially in accordance with past practices.

               (4) Financial Information. Furnish to Buyer (i) within forty-five
          days after the end of each month and each calendar quarter between the
          date hereof and the Closing Date, an unaudited consolidated balance
          sheet and statement of operations for the Renaissance Companies for
          each such month and each such calendar quarter and (ii) any other
          information (including, without limitation, management notes)
          furnished to the Renaissance Companies' senior lenders or filed by the
          Renaissance Companies with the SEC, which financial information shall
          be prepared from the Renaissance Companies' books and records
          maintained in the ordinary course of business substantially in
          accordance with past practices.

               (5) Compliance with Laws. Comply in all material respects with
          all Legal Requirements applicable to the Renaissance Companies and the
          operation of the Systems.

               (6) Keep Organization Intact. Except with respect to any
          voluntary departure of any of the Renaissance Companies' employees
          between the date hereof and Closing, use commercially reasonable
          efforts to preserve intact the Renaissance Companies' business and