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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 8-K on 03/01/1999
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     3.10 Intangibles. Schedule 3.10 contains a true and correct description and
list of the Intangibles (exclusive of those required to be listed in Schedule
3.8), that are owned or leased by any of the Renaissance Companies and that are
necessary for the conduct of the business or operations of the Systems as
currently conducted. Except as to potential copyright liability arising from the
performance, exhibition or carriage of any music on the Systems or as disclosed
in Schedule 3.10, no Renaissance Company is infringing upon any trademarks,
trade names, copyrights or similar intellectual property rights of others.

     3.11 Information Regarding the Systems.

     (a) Subscribers. Schedule 3.11 sets forth the approximate number of
Equivalent Subscribers as of the date indicated therein (including the
approximate number of Equivalent Subscribers served in each System) and sets
forth a true, complete and correct statement of all Subscribers' rates, tariffs
and other charges for cable television and other services provided by any
Renaissance Company, and a list of all free, discount or other promotional
service obligations (other than those obligations which are regularly offered or
arise in the ordinary course of the business and operations of the Renaissance
Companies) of any Renaissance Company, with respect to the Systems as of the
date of this Agreement. The Renaissance Companies' billing records are prepared
by CSG Systems, Inc. in accordance with its customary practices.

     (b) Certain Systems Information. Schedule 3.11 sets forth the approximate
number of plant miles (aerial and underground) for each System, the approximate
bandwidth capability of each System, the channel lineup for each System, and the
monthly rates charged for each class of service offered by each headend, the
stations and signals carried by each System and the channel position of each
such signal and station, which information is true and correct in all material
respects, in each case as of the applicable dates specified therein and subject
to any qualifications set forth therein. Each of the respective channel lineups
set forth in Schedule 3.11 is capable of being viewed in its entirety by each
Subscriber in the applicable System (subject to ordinary course service

     (c) Franchise and FCC Matters. Except as set forth in Schedule 3.11, all
reports or other documents, payments or submissions required to be filed by any
of the Renaissance Companies with any of the Franchising Authorities or the FCC
have been duly filed and were correct in all material respects when filed.
Except as set forth in Schedule 3.11, the Renaissance Companies are permitted
under all applicable Franchises and FCC Regulations to distribute the television
broadcast signals distributed by the Systems and to utilize all carrier
frequencies generated by the operations of the Systems, and are licensed to
operate in all material respects all the facilities of the Systems required by
Legal Requirements to be licensed.

     (d) Request for Signal Carriage. Except for nonduplication and blackout
notices received in the ordinary course of business, none of the Renaissance
Companies has received any FCC order requiring any System to carry a television
broadcast signal or to terminate carriage of a television broadcast signal with
which it has not complied, and, except as