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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 424B3 on 03/01/1999
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                          RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC
                               DECEMBER 31, 1998
                       (ALL DOLLAR AMOUNTS IN THOUSANDS)
include all billing and subscriber information systems, general ledger software,
payroll systems, accounting software, phone switches and certain headend
applications, all of which are third party supported.
     The Company believes it has identified all systems that may be affected by
Year 2000 Issues. Concurrent with the identification phase, the Company is
securing compliance determinations relative to all identified systems. For those
systems that the Company believes are material, compliance programs have been
received or such systems have been certified by independent parities as Year
2000 compliant. For those material systems that are subject to compliance
programs, the Company expects to receive Year 2000 certifications from
independent parties by the second quarter 1999. Determinations of Year 2000
compliance requirements for less mission critical systems are in progress and
are expected to be completed in the second quarter of 1999.
     With respect to third parties with which the Company has a material
relationship, the Company believes its most significant relationships are with
financial institutions, who receive subscriber monthly payments and maintain
Company bank accounts, and subscriber billing and management systems providers.
We have received compliance programs which if executed as planned should provide
a high degree of assurance that all Year 2000 issues will be addressed by mid
     The Company has not incurred any material Year 2000 costs to date, and
excluding the need for contingency plans, does not expect to incur any material
Year 2000 costs in the future because most of its applications are maintained by
third parties who have borne Year 2000 compliance costs.
     The Company cannot be certain that it or third parties supporting its
systems have resolved or will resolve all Year 2000 issues in a timely manner.
Failure by the Company or any such third party to successfully address the
relevant Year 2000 issues could result in disruptions of the Company's business
and the incurrence of significant expenses by the Company. Additionally, the
Company could be affected by any disruption to third parties with which the
Company does business if such third parties have not successfully addressed
their Year 2000 issues.
     Failure to resolve Year 2000 issues could result in improper billing to the
Company's subscribers which could have a major impact on the recording of
revenue and the collection of cash as well as create significant customer
dissatisfaction. In addition, failure on the part of the financial institutions
with which the Company relies on for its cash collection and management services
could also have a significant impact on collections, results of operations and
the liquidity of the Company.
     The Company has not yet finalized contingency plans necessary to handle the
most likely worst case scenarios. Before concluding as to possible contingency
plans, the Company must determine whether the material service providers
contemplate having such plans in place. In the event that contingency plans from
material service providers are not in place or are deemed inadequate, management
expects to have such plans in place by the third quarter of 1999.