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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 424B3 on 03/01/1999
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                                     - 12 -

     "Upset Date" means the one year anniversary date of this Agreement, subject
to extension as provided in Section 8.1(a)(3) and 8.1(a)(4).

     1.2 Terms Defined Elsewhere in this Agreement. For purposes of this
Agreement, and in addition to (i) the definitions set forth in the first
paragraph hereof and in Section 1.1, and (ii) certain defined terms that are
used solely within the section in which they are defined, the following terms
have the meanings set forth in the sections indicated:

     Term                                    Section
     ----                                    -------

     Adjustment Escrow Amount                Section 2.4(b)

     Antitrust Division                      Section 6.5

     Cash Consideration                      Section 2.2

     CCH                                     Section 5.6

     Claimant                                Section 10.6(a)

     Closing Cash Payment                    Section 2.4

     Closing Equivalent Subscribers          Section 2.3(a)

     Closing Net Liabilities                 Section 2.3(b)

     Confidentiality Agreement               Section 6.2(a)

     Current Assets                          Section 2.3(b)(2)

     Current Liabilities                     Section 2.3(b)(3)

     DOL                                     Section 3.13(d)(ix)

     Fee Properties                          Section 3.9

     Final Closing Statement                 Section 2.5(a)

     Financial Statements                    Section 3.5(a)

     FTC                                     Section 6.5
     Indemnity Fund                          Section 10.4

     Indemnifying Party                      Section 10.6(a)

     Inventory                               Section 3.19

     Investment Person                       Section 3.3(a)

     Preliminary Closing Statement           Section 2.4

     Preliminary Dispute Notice              Section 2.4

     Referee                                 Section 2.4(a)