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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 424B3 on 03/01/1999
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Schedule            Description
- --------            -----------

Schedule 1.1        Licenses

Schedule 1.1(a)     Buyer and Charter-Knowledge

Schedule 1.1(b)     Holdings and Group-Knowledge

Schedule 1.2        Headquarters Employees

Schedule 3.3        Organization and Ownership of the Renaissance

Schedule 3.4        Absence of Conflicting Agreements; Consents

Schedule 3.5        Financial Statements

Schedule 3.7        Absence of Certain Changes

Schedule 3.8        Franchises, Licenses, Material Contracts

Schedule 3.9        Title to and Condition of Real Property and Tangible
                    Personal Property

Schedule 3.10       Intangibles

Schedule 3.11       Information Regarding the Systems

Schedule 3.12       Taxes

Schedule 3.13       Employee Plans

Schedule 3.14       Environmental Laws

Schedule 3.15       Claims and Litigation

Schedule 3.16       Compliance with Laws

Schedule 3.17       Transactions with Affiliates

Schedule 3.20       Overbuilds; Competition

Schedule 3.21       Disconnections

Schedule 3.23       Budgets

Schedule 4.3        Absence of Conflicting Agreements; Consents

Schedule 4.5        Claims and Litigation

Schedule 5.4        Claims and Litigation

Schedule 6.1        Operation of Business Prior to Closing

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