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SEC Filings

AVALON CABLE OF MICHIGAN INC/ filed this Form S-4 on 04/01/1999
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  . use premium channel promotions, such as free weekend premium channels and
    a second premium channel at no charge for a limited period with a
    subscription for another premium channel, to encourage existing basic and
    premium subscribers to upgrade their services,
  . use our customer service personnel's contacts with customers to upgrade
    services, and
  . centralize marketing and programming under a Vice President of Marketing.
   We believe that providing superior customer service is a key element to our
long-term success since the quality of customer service affects our ability to
retain customers. Accordingly, we have invested approximately $800,000 to
relocate the centralized customer call center used by Cable Michigan from a
site in Pennsylvania to a site within Michigan and to centralize the customer
service functions of our various operations in the New England Cluster to our
regional office in Connecticut. We have staffed our Michigan customer service
center with well-trained customer service representatives and it offers 24-
hour, 7-day per week coverage to all of our customers in the Michigan Cluster
on a toll-free basis. We designed our customer service center to handle a high
volume of incoming calls and to have an average call answer time below the 30
second FCC requirement. We have installed a software package that will allow
our customer service center to track call statistics ranging from average
answer time to the number of calls by type, as well as individual and group
performance statistics. This software has allowed us to respond to customer
service inquiries on a more efficient basis.
   In the communities we serve, we believe that many customers prefer to
personally visit the local office to pay their bills or ask questions about
their service. As a result, we intend to maintain conveniently accessible local
offices in many of our service areas. We believe that local offices and local
staffing will increase the effectiveness of our customer relation efforts,
community relations endeavors and marketing campaigns. Additionally, we believe
familiarity with the communities we serve will allow us to customize our menu
of services and respective pricing to provide our customers with products that
are both diverse and affordable. Thus, we have seven local offices in the
Michigan Cluster and the three local offices in the New England Cluster.
   Recognizing that strong governmental, franchise and public relations are
crucial to our overall success, we intend to undertake an aggressive initiative
to maintain and improve our working relationships with the governmental
entities within our franchise areas. We anticipate that our regional management
personnel will be required to meet regularly with local officials for the
purposes of keeping them advised of our activities within the communities,
receiving information and feedback on our standing with officials and customers
alike and ensuring that we maximize our growth potential in areas where new
housing development is occurring or where significant technical plan
improvements are underway. We also intend that our regional management
personnel, together with our corporate management personnel, will be
responsible for all franchise renewal negotiations as well as the maintenance
of our visibility through involvement in various community and civic
organizations and charities.
   As part of our commitment to customer service, we seek to provide reliable,
high quality cable television services. As such, our primary objective with
respect to capital expenditures is to maintain, expand and upgrade our cable
plant to improve and expand our cable television services. Through the
implementation of our capital plan, we expect to expand channel capacity,
enhance signal quality, improve technical reliability and provide a platform to
develop high-speed Internet access. We believe that these technical
improvements and upgrades create additional revenue opportunities, enhance
operating efficiencies, improve franchising relations and increase customer
satisfaction. Before committing capital to upgrade a system, our management
team carefully assesses:
  . subscribers' demand for more channels,
  . upgrade requirements in connection with franchise renewals,
  . the availability of competing technologies,