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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form S-4/A on 08/28/1998
Entire Document
  "Transaction Date" means, with respect to the Incurrence of any Indebtedness
by the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries, the date such
Indebtedness is to be Incurred and, with respect to any Restricted Payment,
the date such Restricted Payment is to be made.
  "Unrestricted Subsidiary" means (i) any Subsidiary of the Company that at
the time of determination shall be designated an Unrestricted Subsidiary by
the Board of Directors in the manner provided below; and (ii) any Subsidiary
of an Unrestricted Subsidiary. The Board of Directors may designate any
Restricted Subsidiary (including any newly acquired or newly formed Subsidiary
of the Company), other than the Obligors, to be an Unrestricted Subsidiary
unless such Subsidiary owns any Capital Stock of, or owns or holds any Lien on
any property of, the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary; provided that (A)
any Guarantee by the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary of any Indebtedness
of the Subsidiary being so designated shall be deemed an "Incurrence" of such
Indebtedness and an "Investment" by the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary
(or both, if applicable) at the time of such designation; (B) either (I) the
Subsidiary to be so designated has total assets of $1,000 or less or (II) if
such Subsidiary has assets greater than $1,000, such designation would be
permitted under the "Limitation on Restricted Payments" covenant described
below and (C) if applicable, the Incurrence of Indebtedness and the Investment
referred to in clause (A) of this proviso would be permitted under the
"Limitation on Indebtedness" and "Limitation on Restricted Payments" covenants
described below. The Board of Directors may designate any Unrestricted
Subsidiary to be a Restricted Subsidiary; provided that (i) no Default or
Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing at the time of or after
giving effect to such designation and (ii) all Liens and Indebtedness of such
Unrestricted Subsidiary outstanding immediately after such designation would,
if Incurred at such time, have been permitted to be Incurred (and shall be
deemed to have been Incurred) for all purposes of the Indenture. Any such
designation by the Board of Directors shall be evidenced to the Trustee by
promptly filing with the Trustee a copy of the Board Resolution giving effect
to such designation and an Officers' Certificate certifying that such
designation complied with the foregoing provisions.
  "Voting Stock" means with respect to any Person, Capital Stock of any class
or kind ordinarily having the power to vote for the election of directors,
managers or other voting members of the governing body of such Person.
  "Wholly Owned" means, with respect to any Subsidiary of any Person, the
ownership of all of the outstanding Capital Stock of such Subsidiary (other
than any director's qualifying shares or Investments by foreign nationals
mandated by applicable law) by such Person or one or more Wholly Owned
Subsidiaries of such Person.
  Limitation on Indebtedness
  (a) The Company will not, and will not permit any of its Restricted
Subsidiaries to, Incur any Indebtedness (other than the Notes, the Guaranty
and Indebtedness existing on the Closing Date); provided that the Company or
any Obligor may Incur Indebtedness if, after giving effect to the Incurrence
of such Indebtedness and the receipt and application of the proceeds
therefrom, the Consolidated Leverage Ratio would be greater than zero and (x)
less than or equal to 7.25 to 1, for Indebtedness Incurred on or prior to
December 31, 1999, or (y) less than or equal to 6.75 to 1, for Indebtedness
Incurred thereafter.
  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company and any Restricted Subsidiary
(except as specified below) may Incur each and all of the following: (i)
Indebtedness outstanding at any time in an aggregate principal amount not to
exceed the greater of (x) $200 million, less any amount of such Indebtedness
permanently repaid as provided under the "Limitation on Asset Sales" covenant
described below and (y) an amount equal to 4.5 times the Company's
Consolidated EBITDA for the then most recent fiscal quarter for which
financial statements of the Company have been filed with the Commission
(giving pro forma effect to any Asset Acquisitions and Asset Dispositions as
provided under the definition of "Consolidated Leverage Ratio") multiplied by
four; (ii) Indebtedness owed (A) to