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SEC Filings

RENAISSANCE MEDIA GROUP LLC filed this Form 424B1 on 09/10/1998
Entire Document
or redeem such Capital Stock upon the occurrence of an "asset sale" or "change
of control" occurring prior to the Stated Maturity of the Notes shall not
constitute Disqualified Stock if the "asset sale" or "change of control"
provisions applicable to such Capital Stock are no more favorable to the
holders of such Capital Stock than the provisions contained in "Limitation on
Asset Sales" and "Repurchase of Notes upon a Change of Control" covenants
described below and such Capital Stock specifically provides that such Person
will not repurchase or redeem any such stock pursuant to such provision prior
to the Obligors' repurchase of such Notes as are required to be repurchased
pursuant to the "Limitation on Asset Sales" and "Repurchase of Notes upon a
Change of Control" covenants described below.
  "Existing Stockholders" means (i) the Morgan Stanley Entities and Time
Warner and their respective Affiliates and (ii) Holdings, so long as the
Morgan Stanley Entities and Time Warner, and their respective Affiliates, in
the aggregate, beneficially own a majority of the Voting Stock of Holdings.
  "fair market value" means the price that would be paid in an arm's-length
transaction between an informed and willing seller under no compulsion to sell
and an informed and willing buyer under no compulsion to buy, as determined in
good faith by the Board of Directors, whose determination shall be conclusive
if evidenced by a Board Resolution; provided that for purposes of clause
(viii) of the second paragraph of the "Limitation on Indebtedness" covenant,
(x) the fair market value of any security registered under the Exchange Act
shall be the average of the closing prices, regular way, of such security for
the 20 consecutive trading days immediately preceding the sale of Capital
Stock and (y) in the event the aggregate fair market value of any other
property (other than cash or cash equivalents) received by the Company or an
Obligor exceeds $10 million, the fair market value of such property shall be
determined by a nationally recognized investment banking firm and set forth in
the written opinion which shall be delivered to the Trustee.
  "GAAP" means generally accepted accounting principles in the United States
of America as in effect as of the Closing Date, including, without limitation,
those set forth in the opinions and pronouncements of the Accounting
Principles Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and
statements and pronouncements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board or
in such other statements by such other entity as approved by a significant
segment of the accounting profession. All ratios and computations contained or
referred to in the Indenture shall be computed in conformity with GAAP applied
on a consistent basis, except that calculations made for purposes of
determining compliance with the terms of the covenants and with other
provisions of the Indenture shall be made without giving effect to (i) the
amortization of any expenses incurred in connection with the Transactions and
(ii) except as otherwise provided, the amortization of any amounts required or
permitted by Accounting Principles Board Opinion Nos. 16 and 17.
  "Guarantee" means any obligation, contingent or otherwise, of any Person
directly or indirectly guaranteeing any Indebtedness of any other Person and,
without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any obligation, direct or
indirect, contingent or otherwise, of such Person (i) to purchase or pay (or
advance or supply funds for the purchase or payment of) such Indebtedness of
such other Person (whether arising by virtue of partnership arrangements, or
by agreements to keep-well, to purchase assets, goods, securities or services
(unless such purchase arrangements are on arm's-length terms and are entered
into in the ordinary course of business), to take-or-pay, or to maintain
financial statement conditions or otherwise) or (ii) entered into for purposes
of assuring in any other manner the obligee of such Indebtedness of the
payment thereof or to protect such obligee against loss in respect thereof (in
whole or in part); provided that the term "Guarantee" shall not include
endorsements for collection or deposit in the ordinary course of business. The
term "Guarantee" used as a verb has a corresponding meaning.
  "Incur" means, with respect to any Indebtedness, to incur, create, issue,
assume, Guarantee or otherwise become liable for or with respect to, or become
responsible for, the payment of, contingently or otherwise, such Indebtedness,
including an "Incurrence" of Indebtedness by reason of a Person becoming a
Restricted Subsidiary; provided that neither the accrual of interest nor the
accretion of original issue discount shall be considered an Incurrence of